Joseph Duraj

Joseph Duraj

Cleveland, OH, United States

About Joseph Duraj

I'm a painter based out of Cleveland Ohio who has been working for the past 8 years. The materials I work with vary from the traditional paint on canvas (mostly acrylic and household enamel) to mixed media on found objects such as bedsheets stretched over construction pallets, leftover drywall, discarded wood, dresser drawers, and cardboard. I'm also a daily draftsman using crayons, pen and ink, and colored pencils to name a few on various paper media. A good portion of my work is posted weekly to my Instagram and Tumblr accounts (see website links in my profile).

I have not sold much, and am not currently in any private collections or anything like that. All of the work shown on my profile is 4 SALE.


To briefly touch on my education history, I attended Cleveland State University (2009-2012) for a degree in drawing, however I never completed that degree. Will update when that ball begins to roll again.




My exhibition history has been mostly local group show's over the past few years. These were loosely organized events to showcase artists who used an almost outsider approach to art making.
I have shown in:
-Doubting Thomas Gallery's Halloween Exhibition (Tremont Ohio)
-Cleveland West Art League (78th Street Studios Gordan Square)
-Cleveland State University Art Gallery (downtown Cleveland)
-Popeye Gallery Christmas Exhibition (Lakewood Ohio)
-Generic Gallery (Midtown Cleveland)
-Arts Collinwood (Waterloo Road Cleveland Ohio)
-Outdistancing the Audience at Loren Naji Virtual Gallery (