Daria Mamonova

Daria Mamonova

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

About Daria Mamonova

Daria Mamonova is a Russian artist, currently living in China. She always been fascinated by nature, its shapes and colors. The main topic of her art is peace, that she finds in God and nature. Daria mostly works with oil colors. Her art is a conversation with the world and herself ,cause the more she paints the more she understands herself.


Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing city, China.
master degree in Western art, 2020-2023
Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing city,China.
Painting department. 2016-2020
Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering, Obninsk city, Russia.
Design department. 2011-2015
Obninsk Art school,Obninsk city,Russia. 2011-2013
Kaluga Art school,Kaluga city,Russia. 2006-2010


Christmas art exhibition, 2020
Published article in Tall sequoia gallery, 2020
Social Distancing gallery, Piano Craft gallery, 2020
Christmas art exhibition,Nanjing 2019
Nanjing Normal University students exhibition,2018
Nanjing Normal University students exhibition,2017
"All colors of the world" ,2010
"Christmas story",Kaluga regional museum,2009
Regional exhibition of popular print,2009
"All colors of the world",2008
10th International art exhibition "When a soul is singing",Kaluga,2008
National art competition "Image of science",2008