Sergey Falkin

Sergey Falkin

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

About Sergey Falkin

Member of the Union of Russian Artists. Member of the Worldwide Club of Petersburgers since 2004. Sergey Falkin won a lot of worldwide awards. An exhibit of his carvings took place in Louvre, Paris, within the exhibition Cultural Heritage (2007). He was the only foreign sculptor who was invited to participate in the First Biennale "Les Steles de la Creation" in Paris (2009). The works by Sergey Falkin are in the private collections in Russia, France, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, USA and Japan, in the collections of famous Russian museums like the State Hermitage Museum, the Palace of Congresses – Konstantinovskiy Palace, Saint-Petersburg and etc. The works were sold in the auctions: Koller (Zurich, Switzerland), Jackson (New-York, USA), (Stockholm, Sweden).
Sergey Falkin was born in 1955 in a remote village in Baikal Lake region, Russia, he has created a unique world of images that became a part of the exquisite esthetics of Saint Petersburg. His works of high professional level are remarkable for the wonderful fantasy and deep cultural associations, combination of drama and irony, curiosity and wisdom, they are particularly expressive, laconic and precisely done...


Self-taught contemporary artist. He graduated from the Faculty of journalism, Leningrad State University.


2016 – exhibition “Knight of sad type”, The State Museum of the History of Religion, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2015 – exhibition “Sculpture in stone of XX-XXI centuries”, The State Russian Musem, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2014 – exhibition “Stone and metal objects”, The State Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2012 – exhibition “Baby mammoth of the ice age”, Hong Kong, China.
2012 – exhibition “Gravierte Kostbarkeiten” (Carved treasures). 200 Meisterwerke Russischer und Deutcher Edelstein-Graveure. Edelstein museum, Idar-Oberstein, Germany.
2011 – personal exhibition “Dialogue”. The Palace of Congresses – Konstantinovskiy Palace in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2011 – personal exhibition “Célèbre Inconnu: Le Créateur atypique de l'imaginaire” in art gallery “Serio”. Paris, France.
2009 – The first biennale of French sculptors. Church Madeleine, Paris, France.
2009 – personal exhibition “Allegory of time”. (The project “Modern artists of Russia”).  The Palace of Congresses – Konstantinovskiy Palace in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2009 - the national jewelry and art competition “Jeweleres for XXI century». Gokhran of Russia competition. The first place in the nomination "Stone cutting art" for sculpture “Jazz”.
2007 - exhibition “Salon du Patrimoine Culturel Carrusel du Louvre”, Paris, France.
2007 - G.L.D.A. Show. Tucson, USA.
2007 - personal exhibition "Amber Trip". Vilnius, Lithuania.
2006 - XI international competition «Jewelry Olimpus». The first place in the nomination “New way” for stone-cutting sculpture “Jazz”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2006 - G.L.D.A. Show. Tucson, USA.