Tigran Hovumyan

Tigran Hovumyan

Glendale, CA, United States

About Tigran Hovumyan

Tigran Hovoumyan was born on November 8, 1969 in Armenia.
''Painting extends to the surfaces, colors and shapes of all objects created by nature, and philosophy penetrates into these bodies, considering their own properties, but it does not satisfy the truth that the painter achieves, independently embracing the first truth of these bodies, as the eye is less mistaken than the mind.''-Leonardo da Vinci


His educational experience began in
1979 at the Yerevan Art School of H. Kojoyan. Tigran continued on as faculty of Painting (1985-1989)
P. Terlemezyan art college and faculty of Sculpture (1989-1995) at art-theatre Institute. He has several solo exhibitions and experiences that have taken him around the world.


Awarded with prizes and Gold Medal of the RA Ministry of culture for the significant contribution to the development of the Armenian fine arts and Movses Khorenatsi Medal (RA highest cultural award) by RA President the significant contribution to the development of Armenian sculpture.

Tigran Hovumyan’s works were exhibited in major art saloons of Russia, USA, France, Slovenia, Belgium, Singapore, . Painter’s personal exhibitions were held in Россия, Китай, Япония.


1994 Exhibition in United Arab Emirates
1995 Personal Exhibition in Armenian Organization of Cultural Connections /AOCS/
1995 Participation in Drouot Auction in Paris
1996 Exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the UN
1996 Personal exhibition at Yerevan Chamber Theater
1997 Exhibition in Las Vegas and Los Angeles
1998 Exhibition Moscow International Art Gallery / ЦДХ /
2000 Received a price for New York Philharmonic Orchestra's poster
2000 Personal exhibition at “Cite International des Arts” in Paris
2001 Exhibition dedicated to the 1700th anniversary of Christianity adoption in Armenia
2002 Personal Exhibition of Armenian Artists' Union
2002 Vazgen Sargsyan's bust for the Defense Ministry's Military Institute of Armenia
2003 Exhibit in Moscow International Art Gallery / ЦДХ /
2003 Exhibition in Beirut, "Noah's Art" Gallery
2003 Personal exhibition at “Cite International des Arts” in Paris
2003 Exhibition in Paris, “Archange” Gallery
2005 Exhibition in Stockholm, “Skanska” organization
2007 Monument dedicated to Vazgen Sargsyan on V. Sargsyan street, Yerevan
2007 Exhibition in Moscow International Art Gallery / ЦДХ /
2007 Barrels of "Harsnaqar" restaurant complex
2008 Illustration of two panoramas of Yerevan History Museum on historical themes
2011 Personal exhibition at "Silvana Gallery", Los Angeles
2013 Personal Exhibition "Silvana Gallery", Los Angeles:
2013 Andranik Margaryan's bust for the school named after A. Margaryan
2013-2015 Professor at NUACA in the chair of drawing, painting and sculpture
2014 Sculptures dedicated to Benefactor, RA Honored Doctor Karlen Yesayan
2014 Mother of our Lord Jesus altar paiting in the church of the Mother of God
2015 Monument dedicated to benefactor, RA Honored Doctor Karlen Yesayan / 2.5 m /
2015 Personal exhibition at "Silvana Gallery, Los Angeles
2015 Stone monument dedicated to RA National Painter Henrik Mamyan
2016 Bronze monument dedicated to RA Honored Doctor, benefactor Karlen Yesayan in polyclinic named after K. Yesayan