Mariya Lopyreva

Mariya Lopyreva

Simferopol , республика Крым, Russia

About Mariya Lopyreva

My name is Maria. I am an artist. Every day I get inspired and draw! All my skills are individual! I paint in my own style! I am an art blogger! I have my own YouTube channel where I share my work with the world and learn to draw! use different tools for creating pictures! My art is my world, my soul, my knowledg


About work:
I GUARANTEE THE QUALITY of my paintings. When painting, I prefer oil paints made in Russia - the Nevsky palette "Master Class". For work, I choose high-quality Canvases.

All the pictures presented in my shop are made by me HAND
The paintings are durable and easy to care for.


Russian Art Week


Participation in the exhibition “Remember my name”