Iachim Raisa

Iachim Raisa

Chisinau, Chisinau, Moldova

About Iachim Raisa

Born in 1989, Moldova...
My current artistic interest is focused on the young feminine figure. Delicate faces, nostalgic eyes searching the horizon, expression of fear, hope, honesty, trust, disappointment, love, passion, regrets and expectations with only a glimpse of the unbreakable feminine strength behind them.
As a woman and a mutable personality, I perceive what surrounds me very much through feelings and emotions, I Express my different degrees of intensity. Drawing allows me to dig into my organic cells and to feel connections and invisible inner networks. Abstractin expresses my sentence, my spiritual emotions and my primary instincts


Studies University of Chisinau , Arts and Design Faculty


2018 - "Confessions", Artyourself Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2013 - "Funart" Chisinau ,Moldova