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Valentyna Bobrova

Poznan, Wielkopolski, Poland


My native country is Ukraine. Over the past few years, I live in Poland, where located my work and business.
Since kindergarten, I have been fond of art drawing. Later, in my school years, I met a master, who became my first mentor and thanks to him I mastered clay modeling and stone processing. ...


Wanderer thumb


Sculpture7.9 W x 25.2 H x 5.9 D in

Abstract sculpture Jesus thumb

Sculpture8 W x 31 H x 8 D in

Angel thumb


Sculpture6 W x 42 H x 5 D in

Young Lady thumb

Sculpture8 W x 28 H x 5 D in

"Armageddon" thumb

Sculpture10 W x 24 H x 1 D in

Beautiful Angel, Black Poplar wood. thumb

Sculpture6 W x 11 H x 2 D in

Phone Impressions thumb

Sculpture6 W x 17 H x 2 D in

Last Supper thumb

Sculpture24 W x 29 H x 3 D in

The creation of Adam thumb

Sculpture30 W x 17 H x 2 D in

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