Stuart Ridley

Stuart Ridley

London, United Kingdom

About Stuart Ridley

stuART ridley 2021
is seeking a Blue Chip Gallery Representation-Art Dealer-Art-Investors. Stuart Ridley has now completed his BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree at K&C College, London in 2016.
Stuart's art style is very contemporary, fresh, different and unique. For more than 20 years, he has been creating artworks as well as undertaking portrait / abstract commissions. Here on saatchi online there are over 400 of his art creations (video links to many individual pieces) are also present here.
There is a published Art Book containing many of his art creations from 1996 to present. It is available to purchase at
To view book contents two minute video,

Some of his "Artworks on Paper"

Please feel free to make an offer for any of Stuart's artworks.

Artist Statement: Stuart Ridley
My focus now is very much like it has been since becoming an artist around twenty years ago. That is to try and create art that is fresh, very contemporary, different and unique. I don’t want to create something different just for the sake of it. I need to have a genuine connection while creating a new piece and if I do not feel at ease with the finished piece, I simply erase it. I really enjoy trying to create something different that I have never seen as an art lover before. A fair amount of my paintings is in the style of “naïve” and “childlike”. I have really enjoyed the freedom it gives me with choosing my playful colour pallet and I have not been concerned if, for example, on a portrait, the ears are not of equal measure. After creating over 450 art creations over the last two decades, other artists and art lovers, I hope, think of me as a person that is “arty genuine” and that I, too, have a love of art. The link to all my art creations is: . Most of my creations are fun to make and hopefully fun for the viewer to look at and I am happy with that.
Recently I have discovered clay that does not have to be fired. I had so much fun in my studio creating over 15 sculptures with my small bag of clay. When the sculptures were dry, I applied either gold leaf or bronze acrylic paint on each one to bring them to life. Although my sculptures do not resemble anything as such and are rather abstract, I feel that everyone has its own character and charm.
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BA (hons) Fine Art Kensington & Chelsea College