Joel D'Orazio

Joel D'Orazio

Bethesda, MD, United States

About Joel D'Orazio

After practicing architecture for more than 25 years I have turned to a new medium. I now create art with paint on panels, mixed medium works & sculpture using found and donated objects and digital art. The images are uncommon, yet suggest the familiar forms of nature. Although the paintings are varied in color and composition, each image is part of a logical yet highly intuitive progression of work.

Each work begins as an adventure and its identity becomes as valid and important as the next, with the medium playing a most important role in the discovery of solutions. Originating in the subliminal, each work is a fresh encounter with the lush, unpredictable medium. The alchemy of powdered metal

My artistic vocabulary is devoid of obvious symbols and messages, I do not intend to tell a story or render a recognizable form. For me, the process of creating is a meditative exercise. Though the images are generated spontaneously, recurring themes of movement and form can be found. The paintings relate only to each other, each providing clues to interpret the next. This is their power. In contrast, my three dimensional works will at times possess a sense of content or a relationship to historical themes, though only in an abstract sense.

I work under various, self-imposed constraints, sometimes I limit my palette to black and white or to metallic pigments. This economy of means is not simply the principle of 'less is more', I relish restrictions as a challenge to more fully explore each image, to search for the maximum effect.

As I paint, I am preoccupied with the fluidity of the paint and the resulting density, and also the spacial concerns that are important in the creation of an illusion. I work with the reflective quality of the medium, creating many transparent layers which suggest great depths of space. I fashion complex layerings of many small areas of color in order to dissolve any central focus or subject matter.


Gilmour Academy

The Catholic University of America


WAVERLY STREET GALLERY, Bethesda, MD, One man show, Sept. 5 to October 3.
SALVE REGINA GALLERY, Catholic University Art Dept., Washington, DC, Group show, WSG:Tom Rooney Invitational Exhibit, recipients of the Tom Rooney award, February 4 to March 29
MULLEN LIBRARY, Catholic University, Washington, DC, Tom Rooney Award exhibition, February 4 to March 29.
BRENTWOOD ART EXCHANGE, Brentwood, MD, Washington Sculpture Group, Sculpture NOW 2019, group exhibition, January 14 to March 9.
SUE OUSTENHOUT ART PARTY, Chevy Chase, MD, One person show, November 10.
GW CORCORAN School of the Arts & Design , Washington, DC, Transformer Gallery Auction, November 17.
BLACK ROCK CENTER for the ARTS, Germantown, MD, 15th Anniversary Exhibition, Group Show, September 8 to October 13.
CLARKSBURG PREMIUM OUTLETS, Clarksburg, MD, Pop Up Space, August 8 to...
POPCORN GALLERY, Glen Echo, MD, 'DeSIGN DoMAIN', Group Exhibition, August 3 to August 26.
WAVERLY STREET GALLERY, Bethesda, MD, Group Exhibition, February 4 to March 3.
AMPEER DUPONT CIRCLE, Washington, DC One person show, April 10 to Mid August.

KATZEN ART CENTER, Washington, DC, Transformer Gallery Auction, November 18.
WATERGATE GALLERY, Washington, DC, 'Light and Movement', Group Exhibition, December 3 to January 14, 2017.
KATZEN ART CENTER, Washington, DC, Transformer Gallery Auction, November 19.
McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA, Joel D'Orazio VERTICAL, September 15 to November 5.
WATERGATE GALLERY, Washington, DC, 'The Magic Within', Group Exhibition, January 23 to March 5.
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Arts Center, Silver Spring, MD, 'LANDMARKS', GROUP SHOW, Washington Sculptors Group, October 25 to November 27.


ZENITH GALLERY, Washington, DC, American Fine Craft Show, Washington DC Armory, October 23 to 25.
GREEN FESTIVAL EXPO, Washington, DC, DC Convention Center, 'Repurposed Art Chairs', June 5 to June 7.
SMITH CENTER for HEALING and the ARTS,Washington, DC, 'Sanctuary', Group Exhibition, June 12 to August 15.
VISARTS KAPLAN GALLERY, Rockville, MD, '1992 FORWARD', Solo Exhibition, March 11 to April 12.
WATERGATE GALLERY, Washington, DC, 'Food for the Body - Food for the Soul', Group Exhibition, Jan. 31 to March 7.

ATHENAEUM, Alexandria, VA, Washington Sculptors Group, group Show, 'LOULOUDI Flower/ to Flower, Juror: Renee stout, March 21 to May 4.WATERGATE GALLERY

SMITYH CENTER HEALING and the ARTS, Washington, DC, 'Alchemical Vessels Exhibition, April 4 to May 16.

WASHINGTON PROJECT for the ARTS, Washington, DC, 'Cherry Blast', Group Show,
March 20 to April 20.

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION for the ADVANCEMENT of SCIENCE, Washington, DC, Group Show, curated by Sarah Tanguy, June 16 to August 22.

POWERHOUSE (Georgetown), Washington, DC, 'Design@+', July 2 to July 11.

KATZEN ARTS CENTER, Washington, DC, Washington Sculptors Group, Group Exhibition, 'Sculpture NOW 2014', Curated by Jack Rasmussen, Nov. 4 to December 14.

KATZEN ARTS CENTER, American University Museum, Washington, DC, One Person Show,
'Pull Up a Chair', November 5 to December 15.

HONFLEUR GALLERY, Washington, DC, Group exhibition, Washington Sculptors Group 'Sculpture NOW 2013', Curated by Florcy Morisset, March 1 to April 12.

ARTISPHERE, Arlington, VA, My 'Sculptura Blow Chair' featured in the February 21-May 19 The Next Wave Exhibition: Industrial Design Innovation in the 21st Century: curated and produced by Douglas Burton Apartment Zero, Washington DC, USA. Partners: Surface Magazine, Embassy of Spain, Embassy of Italy, IDSA, Environmental Film Festival DC,

CROSS MACKENZIE GALLERY, Washington, DC, Group Exhibition, 'Macho', December 1 to January 5.

EDISON PLACE GALLERY - Washington Sculptors Group, Washington, DC,
Group Exhibition, 'Sculpture NOW 2009', Curated by Sarah Newman, June 13 to July 14.

HILLYER ART SPACE, Washington, DC, IA&A June Retrospective, May 29 to June 29.

SOTHEBY'S, Washington, DC, ONE MAN SHOW, March 3 to April 14.

ARTERY PLAZA GALLERY, Bethesda, MD, Washingto