Jani Rattya

Jani Rattya

Turku, Finland

About Jani Rattya

Jani Rattya (born 1973) is a Finnish artist specialized in sculpture and painting and has been exhibiting his work since 1998.

His paintings have been described as luminous, vivid and oddly communicative. The influence of abstract expressionism is noticeable and his work emphasizes spontaneous and subconscious creation. He has explored different techniques to develop his artistic language.

In his latest paintings frenzied brushwork is intertwined with semi-representative elements. Ethereal gradient backgrounds are smothered with spastic, violent jerks and partly accidental marks. Often his compositions insinuate landscapes or spaces with ambiguous figures.

There is often a balancing between safety and uncertainty. He avoids the obvious and looks for the unexpected factor wanting to retain a sense of rawness and continual transformation. He gives the process an important role, often changing the direction and painting over.

He has works in public places and art collections in Finland and his works have been shown in Germany, Estonia, Russia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco, Senegal, USA and New Zealand.



Finnish Academy of Fine Arts '14 MFA

Turku School of Fine Arts '98