Dariusz Kaca

Dariusz Kaca

Kutno, Nowa Wieś 56 G, Poland

About Dariusz Kaca

You can find short interview with me (beetwen others) https://yourstory.com/2021/01/art-chitra-santhe-2021?fbclid=IwAR3kh94EArBiU9kmJbG2tGoz-yp0dlwPQsy5_oAp1EVGt5TvoI05hv8Wals

About me and my creativity in movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3Did4TUarA

I am definitely a classic example of an artist fascinated with the technique of relief printing. The process of creating the graphics - from the design, through the cutting matrix and printing works – is done by myself, piece by piece, day by day from the beginning to the end. I attach great importance to the quality of both: artistic and technical work, that's why I print on the best fine papers and use the finest paints.
I was born in 1960 in a town of Kutno, located in the center of Poland. Since 2010 I have been working as a professor and head of the Woodcut Techniques and Artistic Book Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. For my work, I received many international awards and prizes.

Dariusz Lesnikowski wrote about me and my works:
“...Pursues artistic and design graphics, artistic book and painting. In artistic graphics he is well known for his mono and multi-plate color prints. Kaca’s works are concerned with the responsibility of form and the visual shape of a wide range of contents; although it may seem to be a paradox, this creation is open in its contents and various interpretations, and, at the same time, closed in form, as it is logical and calculated in details”.
“…The space of the images is gleaming with thousands of stars, milky ways crisscrossing the Sky, spinning planets, beaming suns. It is the world of inexhaustible power, the world of the beginning and the end of the matter, it’s weakening and consolidation. The forms appear and vibrate, or they perish in the abyss of black holes. The sun explodes and radiates with energy. Everything pulsates, goes away and gets closer – a space whirl is created where everything comes to existence, lives and passes away. The universal harmony gets the measure of mysticism.
…The statement that in penetrating the spiritual space it is more important to travel through it, to face the mystery than to achieve the ultimate cognition and to reach the end – seems to be a cliché. What can this journey be like? The spiritual journey to a sanctuary is a pilgrimage. The motivation to go on a journey is based on the awareness of transcendence, confirmed by everyday miracles of existence, even those of the lowest rank. The road is delineated by the Milky Way. Thus the search for direction has a vertical dimension here. Thanks to a discovered signpost we are not travelers lost in the labyrinth but the ones who, going deep to mystery, broaden their awareness in that search. Each artistic act is such a pursuit of the axis of the world. In Dariusz Kaca’s work the Earth unites with Heaven not only physically, but also in imagery motives. The artist draws a line bridging the gap between the elements of microcosm and macrocosm, the earthly existence rises - in the mythological language - towards things that are unattainable and for reason longed-for …”

From the catalogue “Graficzny obraz nieba” by Dariusz Lesnikowski. Galery AMCOR, Łódź 2012


MFA - 1994 Strzeminski Academy Fine Arts in Łódź.


My participation in the collective exhibition:
Chitra Sante, Bangalore, India 2021
- Festival de la Gravure. Maison de la Culture, Diekirch. Luxembourg. Catalogue, 12.10 – 3.11. 2019
- 20th International Print Biennial Varna 2019. “Boris Georgiev” Art Gallery. Bulgary, catalogue.
- Ural Print Triennal 2019. Ufa, Russia.
- XVII International Contest of Small Graphics & Exlibris. Ostrów Wielkopolski 2019. Poland, Catalogue.
- Lodz Graphics On A Silk Road. Invitational Print Exhibition fo Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Lodz.China Printmaking Museum. Guanlan. 2019.

- 3rd Jogja International Miniprint Biennale (JIMB) 2018. Jakarta, Thailand. Catalogue
Selection of activity:
Residential stay in 5th Festival Printmaking in Evora, 2011 Evora, Portugal.
Participated in International Workshop of Traditional Japanese Woodcut,
Nagasawa ̶ 2004, in Ist Mokuhanga International Conference, Kyoto - 2011
and IInd Mokuhanga International Conference, Tokyo – 2013


He has had 39 individual shows and has taken part in more than 300 collective national and international exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

At the end of February 2020, I was invited to the Jury in a competition organized by the Sharjah Authority Publishers UAE (Dubai).
Curent exhibition - Dariusz Kaca. Modular Universes.
Due to the situation with Coronavirus, the exhibition continues until the end of April. Art Gallery of the Art Library of the University of Zielona Góra. Invitation, poster. 25.10.2019-30.04.2020

Works in public collections:
National Library in Warsaw, Poland
Tama Art University Museum in Tokyo, Japan
University Library in Lodz, Poland
District Museum in Jelenia Gora, Poland
Stanford University Library, USA
“Forum Book Art” Archive in Hamburg, Germany
CAA Printmaking Resource Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
District and Town Library in Wroclaw, Poland
Regional Museum in Kutno, Poland
The King St. Stephen Museum in Székesfehérvár, Hungary
Florean Museum in Carbunari, Romania
Vilnius Centre of Graphics in Vilnius, Lietuva
Town Art Gallery in Lodz, Poland
Taller Galeria Fort in Cadaques, Spain
Silpakorn University Library in Bangkok, Thailand
Mazowian Center Contemporary Art in Radom, Poland
Beijing Natural Culture Centre in Beijing, China
KAUS in Urbino, Italy
Museum of Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland
Regional Museum in Pyzdry, Poland
PEARS Archive at North Dakota State University in Fargo, USA
Montana State University School of Art in Bozeman, Montana, USA
L.Wyczolkowski's District Museum in Bydgoszcz, Poland
Artistic Book Museum in Lodz, Poland
Museum of the Gallery of Drawings in Skopje, Macedonia
Musashino University Museum in Tokyo, Japan
Cultural Konfraternia in Olesnica, Poland
Muzeum Karkonoskie in Jelenia Gora, Poland
Permanent Collection R.F.Brush Gallery St. Lawrence University in Canton, USA
Burro of Artistic Exhibitions in Pila, Poland
China Printmaking Museum in Guanlan, Shenzen,