Paolo Terdich

Paolo Terdich

Piacenza, Emilia Romagna, Italy

About Paolo Terdich

I am an Italian figurative painter born in Piacenza (Italy), where I currently live and work, in a constant technical challenge in the attempt to make visible and tangible emotions and feelings with the use of different media and tools.
My works were exhibited worlwide and numerous galleries, art institutions and collectors own some of my paintings. I also won numerous international prizes. My works have been reviewed and published in various magazines and art books.
I am a co-founder (in 2011) of the artist group “Eoykos”, composed by six artists of figurative expression, in equilibrium between Surrealism and Metaphysics, born to demonstrate that art is still a privileged mean of communication, aimed at transmitting emotions and feelings.
I try to render a sense of timeless figures, not immobile, suspended in a surreal atmosphere, of a light imbued with a post-impressionistic dim-light. Near the blue with the tonal sounding, of lights and shadows, equally illuminated from the reverberation of chromatic lights, the figures seem like animated beings at the mercy of the wave's perpetual motion, in a transfigured reality, and a boundless sense of freedom fulfillment.
My realism is silent, intimate, and my paintings contain an unspoken, mysterious narrative, which offers an emotionally and psychologically loaded presentation that attracts the viewer. This atmosphere has been finally emphasized in the works “waters”, ultra-modern and complex compositions, where natural light and filtered light, within whose balance man lives, break the subjects in a multitude of dynamic reflections, in a precarious balance that belongs to peace, harmony and beauty. Water represents the key element of human balance, a symbol of life, its principle and origin, from which to reflect on a personal vision, where the coexistence between symbolic elements dialogues.


MSc. in Geological Sciences (110/110 cum laude, encomium and publication of the thesis) – U. of Parma, Italy.
MBA Degree - the Edinburgh Business School/Heriot-Watt University - Edinburgh, UK.

His apprenticeship and his artistic ripening have not followed a classical path. His painting vocation manifests initially through employing dramatic chiaroscuro, realized mainly by pencil, to generate introspective portraits and female bodies, poised in powerfully balanced compositions. He then experimented different styles and his approach evolved through various techniques, from watercolour to acrylic and, finally, to oil, mastered with a remarkable confidence.


2019: • “Salon International d'art contemporain - Art3f/Haute Savoie (La Roche sur Foron, F).
2017: • “The Artbox Project – Basel 1.0” – “Basel artweeks 2017” (Basel).
2016: • Semi-finalist – “Premio Arte 2016” (Cairo Editore) (Milano). • 3rd - “XIII Trofeo di Primavera” – “Atelier d’Arte” (Piacenza). • "Grand Marchè d’Art Contemporain – Place de la Bastille” (Paris).
2015: • "VI Fiera d’arte moderna contemporanea di pittura e scultura” (Carrara, I).
2014: • “V Fiera d’arte moderna contemporanea di pittura e scultura” (Carrara, I).
2013: • Finalist - “Artavita 3rd Contemporary Masters Contest” (Santa Barbara, US). • 2nd - “Luana Raia Prize” (London). • “Expo Arte Piacenza 2013” (I). • "I Biennale dell'acquerello e del disegno" – Castello di Levizzano - (Castelvetro, MO, I). • " IV Fiera d’arte moderna contemporanea di pittura e scultura” (Carrara, I). • "Vernice Art Fair – 2013 – XI Fiera d’Arte Contemporanea" (Forlì, I).
2012: • “Agrigento Arte” (Agrigento, I). • "XVIII Internationaler Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Wettbewerb”- (Leipzig, D). • "Bachfest Europa“ (Leipzig, D). • "Leipziger Orgelsommer” (Leipzig, D). • "III Fiera d’arte moderna contemporanea di pittura e scultura” (Carrara, I). • Special Jury prize – “VIII Concorso Nazionale La Spadarina 2012” (Piacenza, I). • Finalist – “Premio Internazionale Biennale Torino 2012”. • Finalist - “Artavita’s 2nd Contemporary Masters Contest” (Santa Barbara, US). • Qualified - “VI Premio Internazionale Arte Laguna” (Venezia).
2011: • Finalist - “Saatchi Drawing Showdown” - “Saatchi Gallery” (London). • “3rd Ward Open Call – Artist Wanted” (New York). • “2nd annual Artists Wanted: Year in Review” (New York). • Jury Prize – “VII Concorso Nazionale La Spadarina 2011”. • "Triennale di Roma” – “Complesso Monumentale Galleria L'Agostiniana” (Roma). • “Rassegna "Internazionale Italia Arte 2011” - “Villa Gualino” (Torino). • "II Fiera d’arte moderna contemporanea di pittura e scultura” (Carrara, I). • "Vernice Art Fair – 2011 - IX Fiera d’Arte Contemporanea" (Forlì, I).
2009: • 2nd – “X Concorso Nazionale Emozioni e Magie del Natale” (Piacenza, I). • Jury prize – “V Concorso Nazionale La Spadarina 2009”. • Finalist – “I Premio Internazionale Trofeo Città di New York" (New York). • Finalist – “III Premio Internazionale Arcaista" (Tarquinia, I). • Jury prize - “VIII Biennale Internazionale Roma 2010” (Piacenza, I).
2008: • 1st - “IX Concorso Nazionale Emozioni e Magie del Natale”. • Semi-finalist – “Premio Arte 2008” (G. Mondadori, Milano). • “Premio Celeste 2008” (San Gimignano, I). • Winner - “VII Biennale Internazionale di Roma 2008”. • 4th - the IV National Contest “La Spadarina 2008”. • Special Prize – “III International Contest Boè” (Palermo). • "Premio Internazionale Oscar dell’Arte” (Catania). • Honourific title of “Cavaliere dell'Arte” - “Associazione Galleria d'Arte Centro” (Firenze). • 1st - “Premio Nazionale d’Arte “Arte di Primavera” (Roma). • “International Prize Arte in Riviera 2008”. • Jury Prize - “II Premio Internazionale Arcaista” (Tarquinia, I). • “ImmaginaArte 2008” (Reggio Emilia, I). • “VII Biennale Internazionale di Roma 2008” – “Sale del Bramante” (Roma).
2007: • 1st - “National Contest VII Biennale Internazionale di Arte Moderna di Roma 2008”. • 3rd – “VIII National Contest Emozioni e Magie del Natale”. • Diploma of Honour - “Rassegna Nazionale d’Arte - Arte d’Autunno” - Campidoglio (Roma). • Trophy of the Committee – “III International Contest La Spadarina 2007”. • Jury Honour Prize – “I International Contest Trofeo Eiffel” (Paris).
2006: • “VI Biennale Internazionale di Roma 2006” (Roma). • “Arte Padova 2006 - 17ma Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea” (Padova). • Silver medal – “XIV International Contest S.Ambrogio 2006” (Milano). • Trophy of the Committee – “III International Contest La Spadarina 2006”. • 4th - “VII National Contest Emozioni e Magie del Natale”.
2005: • 2nd – “VI National Contest Emozioni e Magie del Natale”. • Honour Prize - “VI Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea – Roma 2006”.
2002: • Gold Medal - “Millennium Artist".


Solo exhibitions
2019: • “Due mondi a confronto”, Von Zeidler Art Gallery (Berlino)
2018: • “Due mondi a confronto”, Spazio Rosso Tiziano (Piacenza)
2017: • “Transparency – La pittura di Paolo Terdich”, BiffiArte (Piacenza)
2015: • “Luci e contrasti”, Spazio Rosso Tiziano (Piacenza)
2010: • "Cultural Evening with Paolo Terdich", Italian Embassy in Nigeria (Abuja)
2009: • "Trasparenti Emozioni", Spazio Rosso Tiziano (Piacenza) • "Donna Turchese", Spazio Rosso Tiziano (Piacenza)
2008: • “Le Forme e i Colori dell'Anima”, Atelier d’Arte (Piacenza)
2007: • “Emozioni”, Sant’Ilario Gallery (Piacenza) • “Sensazioni”, Spazio Arte (Milano)
2006: • “Flora Holland” (Naaldwijk, NL) • “L’universo femminile”, Atelier d’Arte (Piacenza).
2005: • at Galerie Noordeinde (The Hague)
2004: • “American Women Cultural Association” (The Hague) • “Riflessioni”, Libri & Caffè (Milano)
2002: • “Stati d’animo”, Palazzo Municipale (Sauze d’Oulx) • “Inquietudini”, Centro Pisa Arte
2000: • “Appunti di viaggio”, Istituto Italiano di Cultura (Cairo)
Group exhibitions
2020: • “Silenzio”, ONART Gallery Firenze • "Untouchable Feelings" - Saphira&Ventura Gallery (NYC)
2019: • “Still Leben”, ONART Gallery Firenze • “Material World”, S&V Gallery (NYC) • “Obscuration”, Saphira & Ventura Gallery (NYC) • “Side by Side/la Biennale di Venezia - Un tocco di zaffiro”, S&V Gallery/Arte Spazio Tempo by NYICAS (Venezia)
2018: • “Emozioni Visive”, Spazio Moderno (Arona) • “Eoykos”, Palazzo Municipale (Palazzolo Acreide)
2017: • “Vedere e sentire l’arte, CroarArt”, Croara Country Club (Rivalta) • “Ecce Homo”, Palazzo Zanardi Landi (Guardamiglio)
2016: • “Colori e Forme”, Atelier d’Arte (Piacenza) • “I Volti dell’Acqua”, Spazio Arte Castello (Torino)
2015: • "Il nuovo surrealismo raffigurato”, Spazio Moderno
2014: • "Identità e metamorfosi”, La Spadarina (Piacenza) • “Artisti a Bologna 2014”, Galleria G. Leopardi (Bologna) • "Per sognare”, Galleria Velasquez (Milano)
2013: • "The Story of Creative", See.Me (NewYork). • “INSIDE”, Royal Opera Arcade Gallery (London)• “Ars Nostra”, Galleria L'Agostiniana (Roma) • "Il Gruppo dei Sei”, Convitto Ragusa (Noto) • "Identità e metamorfosi”, Villa Cambiaso (Savona) • "Eoykos”, Circolo degli Artisti (Torino) • "Rifrazioni”, Galleria Immagini e Colore (Genova) • "Itinera 2012-2013, exhibition in 10 Italian cultural cities” (Agrigento, Benevento, Cosenza, Firenze, Gubbio, Imola, Lecce, Palermo, Salerno)
2012: •"Artisti allo specchio”, Palazzo Farnese (Piacenza) • "Restiamo Umani”, La Spadarina (Piacenza) • "Still Lives”, Salve Art Gallery (Leipzig) • “I segnalati da EA Editore”, Thullier Gallery (Paris) • “Post-Avanguardia Italiana”, Il Salotto dell’Arte (Torino) • “Ultraveristi”, Il Salotto dell’Arte • “Pelle”, Simultanea Spazi d’Arte (Firenze) • “Realismo Radicale”, Galleria Unique (Torino)
2011: • “Sacralità e Spiritualità”, La Pigna Gallery, Palazzo Vaticano Maffei Marescotti (Roma) • “Casa Batlo’ Showcase 2011" (Barcelona) • “I nostri amici artisti”, Spazio Rosso Tiziano • “XI Mostra Amici dell’Arte” (Piacenza) • "La materia e lo spirito”, La Spadarina • “Mostra d’arte Contemporanea”, Bagaglino Gallery (Porto Cervo) • “Mostra d’arte Contemporanea”, Ros’Art Gallery, (Roses) • “Rassegna internazionale EmozionARTI", Civico69 (Firenze) • “3rd Ward Open Call – Artist Wanted” (NYC) • “2nd Artists Wanted: Year in Review” (NYC)
2010: • "Art in Mind", The Brick Lane Gallery (London)
2009: • “Mostra dos artistas italianos e brasileiros”, Museo de Arte (Sao Paul do Brasil) • “Artistas premiados italianos e brasileiros na 7 Bienal de Arte Internacional de Roma”, Galeria Spazio Surreale (Sao Paul) • “Forme e Colori”, Atelier d’Arte (Piacenza)
2008: • “Rassegna Nazionale d’Arte Arte d’Autunno”, Il Trittico (Roma) • “The Winners of the “Biennale 2008”, Castel Sant'Angelo (Roma) • “Mostra d’arte Contemporanea”, Italarte di Purificato (Roma) • “L'arte e la Musica Contro la Fame del Mondo - Museum in Motion”, Castello di S. Pietro in Cerro • “Estate Fiorentina”, Associazione Galleria d'Arte Centro (Firenze) • “X Mostra Amici dell’Arte” •