Allan Dagnall

Allan Dagnall

Calgary, AB, Canada

About Allan Dagnall

Allan Dagnall
"¢ Born in Liverpool, England in 1953
"¢ Moved to Canada in December of 1966
"¢ Now residing in Calgary, Alberta
I create my paintings as a way to share my thoughts and expression about a large variety of subjects. I paint as a way to share original ideas and concepts about my subjects that allows for individual interpretation and personal enjoyment.


Anfield, Liverpool
George Brown College Arts Program


Fusion Art and Design 2002 Opening
Artspace permanent exibition 2003-2006
Artists of the World Signiture Artist 2007-2009


Artist ofthe World Signiture Artist 2007-2009
Artevo Online
SAS Resident Artist Permanent Exibition 2012-current