Michael LaCerda

Michael LaCerda

New York, NY, United States

About Michael LaCerda

Figurative portrayals of the elements that bridge our world to the next is at the core of my work, a subject that looks to narrate the fragility of our existence and reference our current state of affairs. The paintings attempt to express the concept and beauty of how small and precious we are in the larger context of time and space.

Subject matter often change but the recurring theme of humans or animals passing through a poetic landscape is often how I portray this idea. These characters are painted in conflicting styles to that of their background in order to represent that they may have once been relevant in that framework but time has passed and they are now ghosts passing through that environment.

My medium has mainly been focused on oil paints and canvas, as well as acrylic, oil pastel and spray paint depending on the series. I look to create complex and emotionally charged scenes and figures that allow the viewer to develop their own opinions of what the paintings represent. There is a fixed notion that an artists oeuvre must be recognizable, however, I always look to be spontaneous and experiment with new styles and genres.

Having grown up in Massachusetts and spending the majority of my youth surrounded by the waters of Cape Cod and the mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire, I always had a strong appreciation for nature and our relationship with it. Despite a well nurtured artistic upbringing, I pursued a career in finance after graduating from Lehigh University. This detachment from creating artwork on a regular basis has only further driven me to efficiently allocate my time to each piece and the thought that goes into it.

I’m inspired and incorporate ideas by other artists such as George Condo, David Salle, Peter Doig, Richard Prince, Julian Schnabel, Pablo Picasso and Gustav Klimt. Living in New York City for over ten years has surrounded me in a never ending environment of inspirational artists and ideas; which continue to push the concepts of my work to new levels and expose my art to a broader community.


Lehigh University '06