Claire Zakiewicz

Claire Zakiewicz

London, Hoxton, United Kingdom

About Claire Zakiewicz

I am a British artist based between London and New York.

Through my practice I ask, how does sound perform in drawing? What is it to draw words? What is it to draw from observing the world around us? What is it to draw from memory? How do we draw the imagination? Can we escape the confines of our prescribed patterns - whether our brain synapses or our muscle memory?

My process follows simple patterns that lead to complex and ambiguous outcomes - sometimes following the rhythm of the breath with a series of lines, or seemingly random marks with the attention on sounds within the space or movements of the body. I examine the differences between internal and outward observation.

My main area of research has been the physical and metaphorical relationships between drawing and sound. I ask: "how can we draw parallels between the languages of drawing and the evolution of our human experience?"

The tensions between failure and resolution and using mistakes as material are some of the ways in which improvisation is navigated within my compositions. My works examine conceptions of tracing memory, history, the duality of interconnectedness and isolation and the body as a carrier of data.

My works have been presented at international institutions such as Tate Tanks and Tate Britain (London) in the exhibitions Tweet Me Up (2011) and Label (2012), in the group show Alive In the Universe (2019) for the 58th Venice Biennale and have been shown at NOoSPHERE Arts (New York), Bill Young's Dance Studio (New York), The Last Frontier (New York), and The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout (UK).

As well as performing in my own productions, I recently appeared in He Said, I Thought (2019) by Carol Szymanski at Signs and Symbols Gallery (New York) and Triple Moon Goddess (2019) by Jana Astanov at The Cell Theatre (New York) and at Spherical Symmetry ARTI3160 (Venice, Italy).

In 2018, I formed the ensemble Assembly, which includes multi-disciplinary artists who focus primarily on concepts of improvisation. Communication between modes of perception is the main focus. Members have included the dancers Mariana Alviarez and Laura Colomban, actor Siw Laurent and singer/cellist Lenna Pierce. We have performed at institutions including The Mothership (New York) Plaxall Gallery (New York), Itinerant Performing Arts Festival (New York) and ARTI3160 (Venice).

Between 2009 and 2012 I was a member of the ensemble Fig. with the Norwegian based composer/performer Alwynne Pritchard and sound designer Thorolf Thuestad with whom I performed at Landmark, USF, and BEK (Bergan, Norway), PointB Worklodge (New York) and live on Resonance FM (London).

I currently write for Creatrix Magazine, Hypocrite Reader and Art511 Magazine and my essay The Aesthetics of Failure is due to be published by Bloomsbury in Andy Hamilton's book The Aesthetics of Imperfection, in September 2020.

I was named one of New York’s “Top Ten Artists Working Today” in an article by Art511 magazine in January 2019.


Post Graduate:
Sir John Cass School of Art: MA by Project - Researching the physical and metaphorical relationships between sound and drawing within the context of time-based, visual and sonic performance Art
Cambridge College of Art: Printmaking
Chelsea College of Art: Art & Design



2019: Spherical Symmetry, ARTI3160, Venice, Italy
2018: Assembly: Perspectives in Motion Off-site 16th Architectural Biennale, ARTI3160, Venice, Italy
Assembly, The Mothership August Salon, New York, USA
Noumena: Initiation, Curated by Yannah Paradise, Plaxall Gallery, New York, USA
How Salty? With Siw Laurent and Dannie-Lu Carr at Itinerant Performance Art Festival, New York, USA
2017: Out of the Mothership, Venice, Italy
Live drawing performance with Cellist, Vocalist Lenna Pierce
2016: Performing Colour, New York, London
Claire Zakiewicz Plays, Kings Head, London
2015: Pulses, River Quarter Kitchen, London
The Bath, PointB Worklodge, New York
2014: Claire Zakiewicz & Meaner Pencil, PointB Worklodge, New York
Process Patterns, PointB Worklodge, New York, USA
Canvas Soundscapes,
Hardy Tree Gallery,
London UK
2011: Weep you no more sad fountains, 
Rad #3, The Courthouse, Bergen, Norway
One More Time: An Exhibition and Symposium, London Metropolitan University, London, UK
Weep you no more sad fountains,
PointB Worklodge, New York, USA
Engastromyths, Quakers & Shamans,
for Ny Musikk, Landmark, Bergen, Norway
2010: Chaos Caberet I, II, III & IV ,The Foundry, London, UK
2009: Ear to Eye, Sara Lane Studios, London, UK
2008: Fat Battery Summer School Concert, USF, Bergen, Norway
Claire Zakiewicz plays, Hootananny, London, UK
2007: Claire Zakiewicz plays, at Oxjam Event, Bar Acadamy, London, UK


2018 (October): Talk on process and material in painting for the University of Durham at Newcastle Jazz Festival

2011:One More Time: An Exhibition and Symposium, London Metropolitan University, London



2019: The Primacy Of Movement, Aldeburgh Beach Lookout Residency, Aldeburgh, UK
IMPRECISION: The Aesthetics of Failure, 58th Venice Biennale, ARTI3160, Venice, Italy
2018: Perspectives in Motion, ARTism3160, Venice, Italy
2017: Out of the Mothership, Venice Italy
2016: 100 Grand Street, Residency Show, New York, USA
2015: Phases, Hardy Tree Gallery, London, UK
2013: Vegan Vista. Collaboration with chef Rachel Dring, London, UK
2010: Sonic Drawings, FivePLUS Project Space London, UK
2007: New Constructions, Prague Bar Gallery, London, UK
2005: Scissor Paper Stone, Terrace, London, UK
2004: Views of the Charismatic and Catastrophic, The Lotus Gallery, Bath, UK
2003: Nothing and Everything II, Bricklayers Arms, London, UK
Mixed Media Works – Nothing and Everything I, Café Africa Gallery, Cambridge, UK
Claire Zakiewicz, Cuts Too Gallery, London, UK
Out of the Woods, Naked Timber Gallery, London, UK
2002: Portraits of Power, Foundation for Human Development, London, UK


2019: NOUMENA deLIGHT, Park Church Co-Op, New York, USA
Noumena: Music of the Spheres, Autumn Equinox, Park Church Co-Op, New York, USA
Art Eat Festival, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK
Spherical Symmetry, ARTI3160, Venice, Italy
2018: Eminent Domain, Former Robert Miller Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA
2017: Itinerant Performance Art Festival, The Last Frontier, New York, USA
2015: PointB Virtual Exhibition Space, PointB Worklodge, New York ,USA
18 x 8 From Point A to PointB and back again, PointB Worklodge, New York, USA
2014: Ride The Judd, Act 3, Hardy Tree Gallery, London, UK
2012: Tracey Moberly Curates: Label, Tate Britain, London, UK
Tracey Moberly Curates: Tweet Me Up!, The Tanks at Tate Modern, London, UK
2011: One More Time: An Exhibition and Symposium, London Metropolitan University, London
2007: Lie of the Land, Et Cetera Gallery, London, UK
Garage Art Debut Show, Garage Art Gallery, London, UK
2006: Christmas Art Fair, The Empire Gallery, London, UK
H Hammer Art Auction, Terrace, London, UK
Time Flies, Terrace, London, UK
… is somewhere, Terrace, London, UK
2005: Glimpses of the Sacred, St. Katherine Cree, London, UK
Summer Art Auction, 291 Gallery, London, UK
2004 – 2005: Claire Zakiewicz, Lotus Gallery, London, UK
2004: Shoot the One Trick Pony,
The Lotus Gallery, 10 Chapel Row, Bath, UK
2003: Sensational Figures & Landscapes, Vertigo at 491 Gallery, London, UK
2002: Mirrored Vision II, 491 Gallery, London, UK
Mirrored Vision I, The Scala, London, UK
2001: Accepting the Unacceptable, Red Gate Gallery, London, UK
2000: APU Show, Candid Gallery, London, UK