christian Hadengue

christian Hadengue

11260, Fa, France

About christian Hadengue

Born in 1949 Versailles France. Lived in Paris for several years, then from 1968 spent about ten years in North America, including time in the USA (Berkeley, California), Mexico (D.F and Veracruz), Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia and Montreal Quebec).
In 1979 set up a studio in the Pyrenees, south-west France, and in 1981 returned to Montreal to work in Ken Benson’s ceramic studio. Met the Japanese artist Kinya Ishikawa.
In 2000 settled in Toulouse, France, practicing sculpture, etching and collage as well as painting.
Making acrylic on canvas and also mono prints on paper.
Spent many years sculpting, working with clay Japanese Raku, bronze,concrete,and glass,as well as engraving and books making.
His work is mostly turned toward abstract images revealing inner visions, based on movement.
Had his first exhibition in 1969 at the Gas Town Gallery, Vancouver. Since then, has participated in many exhibitions, in Europe (Andorra, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland), North America (Canada and Mexico) and South America (Brazil).Asia Laos and Korea.
Today works in the Pyrenees for the past ten years working calligraphic researches and digital photography.


Mostly self-taught on technics such as ceramic, glass forming ,studied drawing and engraving in Versailles "Ecole des Beaux Arts" and "San Carlos Escuela de Belles Artes" in Mexico city.,
Studied bronze casting in Barry Flanagan's fonderie in Montolieu France.


Has sold works to private and state collections, the "Ariana Museum" Carouge, Switzerland, and the "Musée National de Sèvres", Paris, France, to the "Bibliothèque Nationale de France", Cabinet des Estampes, Paris, and to the MADI Foundation in Sobral, Brazil, and Naples, Italy.
Was teaching sculpture, engraving in several Art Centers (Croix Baragnon, Esin Policrea) in Toulouse, « Ecole des Beaux-Arts » Poitier.
Awarded a Lee Krasner/Jackson Pollock fellowship in 1995.
A art residency (CEEAC) Vientiane Laos 2007/2008
Published several books with poets in "Rencontres"ed. - Zulma ed. - Potentille ed. - Le Suc et L'absinthe ed.
Has worked with several composers M.Lockett, Gaspar Claus-Kakushin Nishihara, and Michel Moglia, on performance and video productions.
Managing a cultural project in Hanoï Vietnam with the French Institut "L'Espace" inviting Mark Lockett composer, Tien Le Thua painter on "unsent letter" 2018.


For the past 10 years had exhibitions in Paris "Réalités Nouvelles" Abstract Art Fair, as in "Hungaran Museum" Seoul Korea, had various show in southern France such as "La maison Européenne de la poésie" Montolieu, France, Riu-De-Bittles (Barcelona) Spain.
In 2018 Coop-Art, Serviès-en-Val, Hanoï Vietnam.