Rita Long

Rita Long

Whiteshill, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

About Rita Long

I am a process driven artist, I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a BA in Fine Art and was awarded a Ist class honours degree in 2017.

I won the PJ Crook Arts Award for Outstanding Work in 2017 also.
I have also had photographs published in The Guardian Newspaper and one of my artworks was chosen by the director of the Tate Modern for publication.

I was born in the UK to an Italian mother and a Ukrainian father.
I am trying to sell works to fund my Masters in Fine Art.
My works centre on the idea of The Anthropocene, the epoch we find ourselves in, a look at the environment and what we are doing to the planet. Even in the darkness I see beauty all around me, I am glad to be alive.
I am not a pervader of doom but maybe someone who has come to accept the inevitable, we are running out of resources, we are a world that takes and it is time for us to give back, we have made everything other that us "Other", instead of I we should say we.
Adopt the Patience of Nature: Her Secret is Patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson.


BA with Honours in Fine Art -Ist Class


Landsdown Hall and Gallery- March-2015
Museum in the Park Stroud-2015 and 2016
Hobbs Nailsworth-2016
Landsdown Hall and Gallery- March-2016
Hardwick Gallery Cheltenham -2017
Private Collection-Degree show works.