Leon Grossmann

Leon Grossmann

Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

About Leon Grossmann

Leon Grossmann is a contemporary artist living and working in Berlin. He studied at Tel Aviv University and the Sabel Academy of Berlin. He specializes in abstract expressionism and minimalism. Mostly he works in traditional media, such as acrylic, oil, and mixed technique on canvas and paper. The artist likes the concept of "Less is more" His main goal is letting the spectator to feel the cosmos, its reality and his personal existence in it, to plunge into a meditative mood, to achieve a state of inner balance and peace. The artist gets his inspiration from human emotions, the energy of the sun, the blue of the sea, the power of wind and the infinity of the universe. Each work is a journey through the space of the canvas, really organic, due to the artist's complete immersion into meditation and creation of the surface texture. Artworks are collected in USA, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Switzerland,
Spain, Greece, Hong Kong, Arab Emirates etc...


Tel Aviv University

Sabel Academy of Berlin