Adin Radu

Adin Radu

Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

About Adin Radu

I was born in Bucharest, Romania, where I currently live.
I picked up painting in 2015 in order to develop my digital skills for editing and painting with graphic tablets. But, fell in love with traditional painting. I also paint digital, but the true passion is with traditional.

Back then, I started my art education through private art classes with an amazing teacher, Fabiana Dima, and still taking them today.

I come from a family of architects, so I think the culture that I was raised in may facilitated my understanding of art.

I don’t have a favorite artist, singer or band. I think that narrows down the exposure. I have things and people and styles that I prefer. but I try to take whatever pleasures I can from everything.
I paint in a variety of mediums, but, what I love the most is watercolor and oil.

My first passion was photography (since 2010), which I self-taught across many years. Then came the editing, compositing, and playing around with images, which was also self-learned.

I love painting and photographing landscapes and all kind of scenery and wish that some day I will make a living from my passions.


BUCHAREST, Bucharest (Romania)


2019 – Summer collors – Elite Prof Art Gallery
2019 – Group exibition - Crowne Plaza Bucharest
2018 - Us and the world, the world and us - Center for Arts by Fabiana Dima
2017 - Colors over Herculane - Baile Herculane