Adonis Nikolaou

Adonis Nikolaou

London, London, United Kingdom

About Adonis Nikolaou

Born in Greece, I spent my childhood and adolescent years walking the banks of the Acheron - the river of woe, as it was also known in antiquity.
I was mesmerised by the mention of my neighbourhood in Plato's, dialogue, Phaedo; Virgil's epic poem The Aeneid; Freud's book The Interpretation of Dreams; and last but not least, in Dante's narrative poem the Divine Comedy.
In my final year at Lyceum, having inked all books from cover to cover with drawings and sketches, I made the decision to study art.

After completing two years of art and design classes in Athens, and winning civic awards, I moved to the UK.
I completed a BA at the University of Western England, an MA in Arts at the University of Hertfordshire and later studied at London's Central Saint Martins.


2006, Art Studies, Central St Martins, UK
2003, MA Art and Design, University of Hertfordshire, UK
2000, BA Art and Design, University of Western England, UK
1998, HND Freehand drawing, Athens, Greece

John Constable; Mikhail Vrubel; Pablo Picasso; Egon Schiele; Joan Miró; Mark Rothko; Francis Bacon; Yannis Tsarouchis; Yayoi Kusama.

Henry Moore; Barbara Hepworth; Louise Bourgeois; Jannis Kounellis.

Periods and movements:
Cycladic culture; Post-Impressionism; Cubism; Suprematism; Abstract Expressionism; Minimalism; Young British Artists.

Dante Alighieri; Johann Wolfgang Goethe; Constantine P. Cavafy; Odysseas Elytis.

History; Non-fiction; Philosophy; Poetry; Political culture.


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