Ad van Riel

Ad van Riel

The Hague, Netherlands

About Ad van Riel

Born in 1959. Ad van Riel is a Dutch painter.

"My work, perhaps, could not be defined as painting. More like 2D-sculpture. In the strokes, the smears and brushing paterns of the paint all kind of figures and images reveil themselves. I let them stay or wipe them out. For me painting images is a dead end in art history, it is the paint itself that reveals the images".

My series/collections:

IMAGES OF ORDINATION AND SURVEY - A series of paintings about the ordination of the world and the human mind (2003-2007).

PARADIZES OF PAINT - A series I started in 2005 in which the paint itself reveils the images. Still working on this development.

PANORAMAS - A series of small paintings (30x40cm) which, together, make a large panorama on my work. Started in 2007 I am still working on this project.

DRAWINGS - A new development in my work. The coincidence of the painted image is no longer here. But the form and contenance remains. Still working on more drawings.

All paintings are ready to hang. With an attached wire at the back. Framed works are signed and high quality materials are used. If you need more information, pls contact me through my website.


- Academy of Fine Arts and Design, St.Joost, Breda, The Netherlands, Painting


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