Ahmad Shariff

Ahmad Shariff

Rancho Cucamonga , CA, United States

About Ahmad Shariff

Ahmad has rekindled his love and passion for the arts through his paintings. His international travels and upbringing in Beirut, Lebanon during its’ own bloody civil war has exposed Ahmad to unimaginable suffering, devastation and loss. Yet through all these experiences, Ahmad maintains an unbridled sense of hope and optimism for better days, largely evident in the expression of his work. Ahmad’s paintings reflect the human condition of a full range of emotion captured by acrylics and India ink, oil as well as watercolors on variety of mediums ranging from canvases, wood panels, Watercolor paper and vintage book pages. The influence of his days at the prestigious Institute of Art in Lebanon where he studied Art and Interior Architecture remains strong and unmistakable. Having spent over twenty years as a Graphics Artist in Los Angeles, California, Ahmad’s talent and distinctiveness transcends barriers and movement while inspiring thought, provocation and appreciation.

I am constantly inspired by my surroundings, my family, my local and global communities. My experiences, from a range of utter devastation, pain, suffering, to joy, peace and content, supply an insatiable stimuli of creativity and imagination. An abundance of emotion, is yet to be depleted."

It's a privilege to be able to live one'a passion and a distinct honor to share with others and transform my thoughts to visual imagery and reality. I'm incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such love and support. It keeps me going and fulfilled. As an artist, I can only aspire to translate such touchpoints to canvas and ignite my audience and patrons to escape, journey and fantasy. To dream a better world, for an artist and capture such a place, is the ultimate experience; a place of hope.

I have a passion for human Emotions, black and white as well as bold colors, I experiment with anything from markers, India inks to watercolors, acrylics and oil. Although I love to paint the human body, I also love architectural landscapes as well as oceans and scenery. A timeless medium free of inhibitions which transcends cultural boundaries and differences, but instead heightens commonalities - to paint is to captivate and unite.


Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture
Bachelor in Architecture – Interior Design
Beirut, Lebanon


Packing House Art Gallery, Claremont, California


Design Art Concept

Candita Clayton Gallery
in the Hope Artiste Village
999 Main Street, Unit #105
Pawtucket, RI 02860

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