Paul Solovyev

Paul Solovyev

Moscow, Russia

About Paul Solovyev

My work explores and exploits the phenomenon of destruction and the ideologization of the image in nobrow mass culture. Subcultural and iconic signs mutate in my works, transfigurating or even transgressing in the flow of the sacral, mystic, political and advertising symbols.

My interest origins in my advertising industry background where I held the key positions at the digital & classic agencies (BBDO, Proximity, LOWE), won and judged local and international advertising festivals.

I believe it is important to be an universal, multidisciplinary artist, equally powerful both in non-spectacular interventions into an urban or natural environment and in classical gallery spaces.

The key extension of my practice is the work with the idea of clothing as media and conceptual art within the «LOVE» clothing, the brand I established in 2017.


Paul Solovyev has a degree in Mathematics (MA)


Solo exhibitions:
2016 «Phantom», NII x ALPBAU, Moscow
2015 «Black», Fabrica CCI, Moscow
2015 «War is Peace», Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow
2015 «The Parts of Light», «180 m2», Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow

Selected group exhibitions:
2018 «U.A.» XL Gallery, Winzawod, Moscow
2017 «Revolution», Fabrika CCI, Moscow
2016 «Kosmos.LOVE», Artplay, Moscow
2016 «Reading group», Red Center, Moscow
2016 «Masterpiece», Red Center, Moscow
2016 «Postkurok», Kursky railway station, Moscow
2016 «The Temptation of St. Anthony», Polygrafichesky Tsekh, Moscow
2016 «#Monopoly» project, «Regina» gallery, «Pop/off/art» gallery, «XL» gallery, «Pechersky» gallery, «Triangle project» gallery, «Osnova» gallery, Voykovskaya flat exhibition, Electrozavod Gallery, «Zdes» Gallery, Moscow
2015 «Pirtoy», Tengry Umay, Almati
2015 «Image of the Enemy», Red Center, Moscow
2015 «While eating», Fabrika CCI, Moscow
2015 Festival «Outline», Moscow
2015 Festival «Genesis», Moscow
2015 «TODAY 23/06», K35 Gallery, Moscow
2015 «New Wave Uncut II», MSK Eastside Gallery, Moscow
2015 «#Coincidence», Troitsk Technopark, FIAN, Moscow
2015 «Futuristic Mimicry», State museum of V. Mayakovsky, Moscow
2014 MMXIV*, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow
2013 Festival «Forma», Moscow
2012 Festival «Forma», Moscow
2012 Plumsfest_6, Artplay, Moscow
2012 Festival «The Museum Night», Artplay, Moscow