Alan Weiss

Alan Weiss

Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa

About Alan Weiss

I began painting in 1972.
Primary career in Design and Architecture, with art now re-visited.
My studio is based in the beautiful City of Cape Town, South Africa, and I am married with one daughter.
I paint primarily in oils on linen canvas.
My style is not limited, and although my work is realistic and representative in nature, I do also move to impressionistic work as the mood takes me.
Subject matter is likewise not limited, although wildlife has been a focus and the dominant theme throughout my life.
As with many artists I would hope that viewers are moved enough to interpret my paintings with a direct connection to their own life experience.
In addition to being inspired by a number of the old masters, more contemporary artists that I appreciate include John Singer Sargent, Bo Bartlett, Andrew Wyeth, Odd Nerdrum, Knut-Andre Vikshaland, Vincent Desiderio and Antonio Lopez Garcia.
My favourite quote:
"Great artists suggest possibilities. They don't answer the question, ever. Joe Pro will give you the answer.
My favorite artists are those that suggest the answer, because they know that there is no answer". -Vincent Desiderio-


B.A. Honours degree from Middlesex University in London - (previously Hornsey College of Art & Design).
The HCA was "an iconic British art institution, renowned for its experimental and progressive approach to art and design education"


Published interview in Occhi Magazine "In Conversation with Visual Artist /Architect Alan James Weiss"


Finalist in the New York Artios Gallery "United Through Art" exhibition in 2020