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Albert Du Plessis

Centurion, Valhala, South Africa


Albert du Plessis (b. 1993) started his career in art in 2019 with his first brush of oil paint on a linen canvas. Since then he has achieved extraordinary feats, considering it's only been a few years since he dedicated his life to art. His work can be seen in private collections and his piece "Son...


Belladonna thumb

Painting23.6 W x 31.5 H x 0.8 D in

Prints from $40

Slumber thumb


Painting16.5 W x 11.8 H x 0.8 D in

Guardian thumb

Painting13 W x 17.3 H x 0.8 D in

Lig Kind - Light Child thumb

Painting11.8 W x 16.5 H x 0.8 D in

Prints from $40

Saggeus thumb

Drawing11.4 W x 16.5 H x 1 D in

Ek Is - I Am thumb

Painting21.6 W x 30.3 H x 0.6 D in

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