Aleks Rosenberg

Aleks Rosenberg

sunny isles beach, FL, United States

About Aleks Rosenberg


Aleks Rosenberg is a multi-disciplinary artist and filmmaker who resides in the United States and has exhibited and sold his work internationally. The central themes found in his works relate to the 'outsider looking into the darkness of the human vortex' countered by the optimism of 'no matter what, the sun will always rise tomorrow'. For Rosenberg, there has always been the tension between light and darkness, and as such, his compositions seek to find a balance between the two extremes. In more recent series, he uses found objects and repurposed materials to leave clues for stories to be told.

Over the years, my work has evolved through various disciplines and styles in a singular pursuit of exploring mediums of self-expression and the need to connect with the viewer.
I work with materials that, at first glance, seem contradictory and perhaps arbitrary. I may start with an idea that was festering in my brain for a long time or maybe something that sparked my interest a minute ago. I begin by playing with the materials at hand, slowly turning the ethereal concept into a concrete form. It is the search for the right imagery and objects and the handling of the materials that eventually bring the evolved ideas to life. When I say ‘evolved idea’ I mean that the final product may have an exact or minuscule resemblance to the original idea. I kind of treat each project like a scientific experiment where the work builds upon itself. The accidental discoveries guide the mechanics of the execution and the final piece. For me, the magic happens when work blends with play, and time stands still.


Yale University - MFA
Pratt Institute - BFA
Brooklyn Museum – Painting


Recipient of Ford Foundation Grant, Louis B. Mayer Grant, NY Art Directors Club Award, and Architectural Design Award.


FILM EXHIBITIONS - BACA film Festival - Brooklyn Museum
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Film Fest. Ohio Film Fest, Jewish Film Festival Miami, WorldFest-Houston Indi Film Festival, Myhelan Indi Film Festival, Bounos Aires Film Festival,

ART EXHIBITIONS - Prado Gallery NY, Pratt Manhattan Gallery NY, Lever House NY, NY Architectural League, CASE Museum of Russian Contemporary Art, MIU Gallery/Art Basel-Miami, Gallery 409 Hallandale Beach FL, SCOPE Miami.

In permanent collections at Coca Cola, Pfizer, Nielson, Museum of Contemporary Russian Art, and a number of private collections.