Alexander Eremin

Alexander Eremin

Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

About Alexander Eremin

I do modern figurative sculpture. It means telling a story, representative. Beside a story, in any of my artworks I try to create an aesthetic value. The goal is to bring something pure personal as an artist, basing on great examples and persistently improving a quality. That's what I am doing while working on my compositions.


MFA, 1996-2002, Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design, Russia.


Sculptures are in the collection of The Museum of 20th-21th Century St.Petersburg Art, the collection of the Art Center "Borey" (Saint-Petersburg) and private collections in Russia, Australia and the USA.


2020 The "Tochka Sborki" Art Center, "Conditions", Saint-Petersburg;
2019 International exhibition "Radical Fluidity, grotesque in art", The Museum of 20th–21st centuries St-Petersburg Art (MISP)
2019 Museum of Urban Sculpture, Saint-Petersburg, "Eternal Values", Artist's Union art exhibition.
2018 Personal exhibition "Death and Salvation of 21 century", The "Borey" Art Center, Saint-Petersburg.
2016 Personal exhibition “Calmness and Elemental Force”, Art Center “Borey”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2016 Center of Creative Industry “Fabrika”, “Factory Sudios, Session 3”, Mosсow, Russia
2014 Personal exhibition “The Wind”, co-working "Miracle", Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2012 Exhibition "Artists of a Novgorod village",The Museum of 20th–21st centuries St-Petersburg Art (MISP)
2012 Exhibition "Water-a poetry of a heart", co-working "Miracle", Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2006 Exhibition "Contemporary wood sculpture", The Union of Artists of Russia Exhibition Hall, Saint- Petersburg, Russia.
2000- 2012 Seasonal exhibitions "The Spring", "The Autumn",The Union of Artists of Russia, Saint- Petersburg, Russia.
1999- 2010 Seasonal Art exhibitions "All of Petersburg", Saint-Petersburg, Russia.