Alexa Snyder

Alexa Snyder

CA, United States

About Alexa Snyder

Alexa grew up in a small town near Springfield, IL. Her inspiration to become an artist developed early on in childhood, but it wasn’t until
high school that the dream became a reality and her love for figurative art took off.
Snyder went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts from Millikin University in 2013.
Since then she has exhibited on Florida’s Gulf Coast for the last three years, soaking up inspiration from Sarasota’s vibrant cultural scene and
local beach life. After recently settling into California, Snyder has set up shop once again and is currently producing new pieces of work that push her boundaries
and further the exploration of an edgier series of double exposure figures.


Millikin University / Bachelor Degree in Fine Art 2013

I am interested in painting human figures in a somewhat controlled environment. My work begins as a preliminary sketch from photograph. Each subject is meant for the viewer to see the figure as non-descriptive, while also resonating as something more familiar. The process of painting is what I enjoy most. I have a focused idea of what a composition will look like before I begin working. However, the best part is making mistakes along the way and accepting them as additions to the work.


Original work available at ​State of The Arts Gallery in Sarasota, FL
and MAE Gallery in Del Ray Beach, FL.