Woojung Son

Woojung Son

Seoul, South Korea

About Woojung Son

Woojung Son was born in South Korea in 1986.
I majored in the Fine art. and I'm an Artist based in Seoul,Korea. I work mainly about the world of the imagination. If you read my statement , you can understand about my artwork.

Imagine. Have a dream. Be free. These are the most important elements in my work.
As a little girl, I loved spending time daydreaming. My parents and teachers used to say it wasn't a good habit. But I couldn't stop. I enjoyed imagining things and the things I imagined often appeared in my dreams. Sometimes I felt my dreams were much more realistic than the reality itself, and that notion thrilled me. I've always liked to paint, and I've made my own imaginary space through my work. In my imaginary place, there was no concept of time or space, and everything was free.
Everyone dreams of breaking away from reality. However, making that desire come true depends on each person's individual decision. Breaking away from reality is not easy. In our society, we have many rules and laws designed to tie us to community life. Also, various customs and standards for social maintenance exist. Many people say that we have to follow majority. Different thoughts and different behaviors are often considered wrong. Thus, as people grow older, they forget their own thoughts and ideas; they even forget how to imagine. They just live their life like an old habit and repeat the same routine endlessly. Moreover, they don't know how to escape from this meaningless trap in which they find themselves. And that kind of life makes people deny new experiences and fear freedom.
But craving freedom is human nature, and I think it’s that nature that makes people enjoy fantasy novels and movies as well as traveling.
Think about this. When we were little kids, we imagined things freely, and we talked about those things. Maybe all of this was possible because children aren't influenced by the external environment much. However, as people grow older, everything changes. The external environment influences them continuously, and that makes people rigid and inflexible.
People lose their own nature as they grow older. But we are different from robots. We can think, imagine, and make things happen. That’s what made our society progress, and that is the fundamental characteristic of humankind.
Now, I want to make my own imaginary space and create stories and build my own kingdom through my work. Also, I want to find my own nature through my work and I want to communicate with people. My hope is that people can freely imagine, as they did in their childhood, through my work. I want to invite everyone who dares to imagine. Enjoy . You’ve got an open invitation.


Graduated from DanKook University B.F.A department of Fine Arts ,2012


2015. Finalist in 'The painted world ' Saatchi showdown

2015. The 30 Shortlisted works digitally prjected onto a giant display at Ace Hotel Downtown L.A


●Solo exhibition
2016. Woojung Son 3rd solo Show at Kidari gallery in Daegu.
2015. Woojung Son second solo show at gallery Ilho in Seoul
2014 . Woojung Son solo exhibition at Artspaceknot in Seoul

2017. Asia contemporary art show in HK(scheduled)
2016. Affordable Art Fair in Seoul (scheduled)
2016. Asia contemporary art show in HongKong
2015. Daegu Art Fair at EXCO in Daegu
2015. SOAF(Seoul Open Art Fair) at COEX in Seoul

●Group exhibition
2016. "Contemporary painting " at The bricklane gallery in London
2015. "Again 2015 exhibition" at Kidari gallery in Daegu
2015. "Inner senses" at gallery Ilho in Seoul
2015. kidari mini open call at kidari gallery in Daegu
2015. Sixth sense exhibition at Ilho gallery in Seoul
2015. 「꿈과 마주치다」exhibition at ilho gallery in Seoul
2014. May art festival exhibition in gallery Sinsang
2014. Hong Kong contemporary exhibition at the Excelsior hotel in Hong Kong
2014.New Korean wave exhibition at Kwanhoon gallery
2014. Gakum exhibition at gallery Arden
2011. 탐구생활 exhibition at gallery skyyeon
2011. Dankook Uni B.F.A thesis exhibition at Dukwon gallery