Original Abstract Expressionism Food & Drink Oil Art on Carbon Fibre For Sale

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Saatchi Art offers an unparalleled selection of over 14 original artworks from artists from all over the world, including paintings, photography, sculpture, drawings, collage, and limited editions.

Red Still Life image

Red Still Life

Paintings27.5 W x 19.6 H x 0.7 in


Afterword image


Paintings14.2 W x 12.6 H x 0.1 in


Prints from $40

Russian feast (study for the stillife) image

Russian feast (study for the stillife)

Paintings15.7 W x 11.8 H x 1 in


Prints from $70

Waitress image


Paintings15.6 W x 12 H x 0.1 in


Prints from $99

"MAGOOMBAS" (forbidden fruits) image

"MAGOOMBAS" (forbidden fruits)

Paintings13.8 W x 19.7 H x 0 in


Prints from $100

provence image


Paintings15 W x 23 H x 0.1 in


Prints from $40

Joy image


Paintings19.7 W x 24 H x 0.1 in

Bottles and apple #1 image

Bottles and apple #1

Paintings29.5 W x 21.7 H x 3.9 in

Alexandr Ibragimov

United Kingdom


Let's drink to love image

Let's drink to love

Paintings13 W x 16.9 H x 0.1 in


Breakfast garden image

Breakfast garden

Paintings7.9 W x 5.9 H x 0.4 in


Mezzaluna 98 Composition 4 image

Mezzaluna 98 Composition 4

Paintings19.7 W x 19.7 H x 1 in

Coffee RED CUP image

Coffee RED CUP

Paintings23.6 W x 23.6 H x 0 in

Prints from $40

Acrylic Painting image

Acrylic Painting

Paintings28 W x 33 H x 0.3 in

Figs image


Paintings19.7 W x 27.6 H x 1.2 in

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