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Saatchi Art offers an unparalleled selection of over 224 original artworks from artists from all over the world, including paintings, photography, sculpture, drawings, collage, and limited editions.










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Landscape With Birds And Flowers image

Landscape With Birds And Flowers

Paintings27.6 W x 23.6 H x 1.2 in


Prints from $40

Colossus That Contemplates image

Colossus That Contemplates

Sculpture7.9 W x 25.6 H x 5.9 in


Rainy Day image

Rainy Day

Sculpture11.8 W x 15.8 H x 7.9 in


The Snow Queen image

The Snow Queen

Sculpture3.9 W x 19.3 H x 3.9 in

Colossus That Ruins image

Colossus That Ruins

Sculpture5.5 W x 21.7 H x 3.9 in


Calypso mythology Nymph image

Calypso mythology Nymph

Sculpture39 W x 35 H x 20 in


Landscape inside image

Landscape inside

Sculpture8.6 W x 13 H x 11.8 in


Prints from $40

The moon image

The moon

Sculpture9.3 W x 9.3 H x 1.2 in

From Chaos image

From Chaos

Paintings24 W x 18 H x 2 in

Tony Rubino

United States


Prints from $73

Drop of tear (small) image

Drop of tear (small)

Sculpture3.5 W x 6.3 H x 4.3 in

Valeria Koshkina

Czech Republic


Frozen drop image

Frozen drop

Sculpture7.9 W x 9.1 H x 5.5 in

Valeria Koshkina

Czech Republic


Belisama Red Carmine image

Belisama Red Carmine

Sculpture16.5 W x 18.9 H x 5.1 in


Sea nymph image

Sea nymph

Sculpture22.4 W x 13 H x 16.5 in

Valeria Koshkina

Czech Republic


Duck family image

Duck family

Sculpture9.1 W x 8.3 H x 6.7 in


In The Dwarfs' Land image

In The Dwarfs' Land

Sculpture11.8 W x 15.7 H x 6.3 in

Edna Dali



Luminary II, Bronze, Cast Glass, 1/1 image

Luminary II, Bronze, Cast Glass, 1/1

Sculpture15 W x 42 H x 6 in


Prints from $40

Wine bottle stopper. Bull image

Wine bottle stopper. Bull

Sculpture1.6 W x 3.1 H x 1.6 in

Barcarolle image


Sculpture6 W x 4 H x 6 in

Simon Kogan

United States


Prints from $40

Oh Boy! bronze mirror image

Oh Boy! bronze mirror

Sculpture9.5 W x 14.5 H x 1 in

Kelly Borsheim

United States


At the Lennon Wall in Hong Kong image

At the Lennon Wall in Hong Kong

Sculpture5.9 W x 12.2 H x 7.9 in


Prints from $62

Pegasus image


Sculpture7.8 W x 17 H x 5 in


King Ant image

King Ant

Sculpture5 W x 10 H x 10 in

Stained glass sculpture "Horse" image

Stained glass sculpture "Horse"

Sculpture13.4 W x 10.2 H x 3.1 in

Exvoto 3 image

Exvoto 3

Sculpture1 W x 4.5 H x 1 in


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