Jeroen Allart

Jeroen Allart

ROTTERDAM, Nederland, Netherlands

About Jeroen Allart

Jeroen Allart is a Dutch, Rotterdam-based artist. He graduated from the Rijksakademie in 2000 and has mainly exhibited his art in the Netherlands. He is known for his flat-painted works depicting birds, cowboy portraits and landscapes with a very low horizon line.

New works
The cold winter of 2015 brought five new sunny themed artistic creations to life. This time Allart’s new works don’t depict cowboys of birds, but the Baywatch-like beach world. Three of his compositions can be directly associated with the sea: ‘Badmeester’, ‘Badmeesters’, ‘Strand’, and two others: ‘Vlaams echtpaar’ and ‘Olijfje’, more loosely connected to it.

Allart’s newest works remain faithful to his style of flat paintings. His skilful manner of dealing with paint leads to the creation of nearly hyperrealistic compositions. Looked at from a distance, they appear to be more like prints or cut outs rather than paintings, without a single brush stroke to be found.

The 2015 works do not form a series, nevertheless they could be seen as one. The beach scenes recall snapshots showing people from behind. They are seen from a low view, so that the observer needs to raise his eyes to see the whole. There are no unnecessary details distracting from the compositions.

While the seascapes could be found anywhere – although this could be also questioned, since the water in ‘Strand’ is not beach paradise-like azure blue, but typically for the North Sea murky-green, the Flemish couple is an accent that could only be come across in this specific geographic location. Dressed in heavy winter coats the elderly couple is well prepared for a walk in the cold strong North Sea wind. Olive Oil, a charactered from the Popeye series, is another reminder of the sea.

Jan van Hoof galerie
Vughterweg 58-60
5211cm 's-Hertogenbosch


Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (1986-1991)
Willem de Kooning Academie (1991-1994)
Rijksakademie Amsterdam (1999-2000)


Musea: Sonsbeek 2001, S.M.A.K. Gent (België)
GEM Den Haag, Museum Bommel van Dam Venlo Museum Arnhem

Exhibions: Jan van Hoof Gallery (Den Bosch), Annie Gentils gallery (België), Rob Malasch (Amsterdam), Flatland gallery (Amsterdam), Anderwereld (Groningen), Noname galerie (Rotterdam), Gerhard Hofland (Amsterdam), Frank Taal (Rotterdam), Ramakers (Den Haag), MK Rotterdam (Rotterdam).
Art Paris, Art Rotterdam, Kunstbeurs Venlo (Galerie Serieuze Zaken) Art Brussel (België), Art Twente, PAN Amsterdam, Art Amsterdam

Art collections: Jan Hoet / SMAK (België), Museum Bommel van Dam, Museum Arnhem,
Bouwfonds, Eneco, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Ghana, Embassy of Germany, Océ, Friesland Bank, DSM, Organon, Rijksakademie, RUG, Dutch Octrooi Agency, Waterschap Amstel, CBK / SBK Noord-Holland / Groningen / Rotterdam / Amsterdam