Mishino Altone

Mishino Altone

Sceaux, Ile de France, France

About Mishino Altone

After his studies of calligraphy and at the Beaux-Arts, Paris in the art studio for monumental painting of Olivier Debré, more than thirty exhibitions since 1986 from Paris via the Moscow Museum of Decorative Arts to New York, then at the side of Pierre Soulages at the exposition ‘L’art chez soi’ in 2005 and at the occasion of the year of France in China, where he exhibited his work in the center of the Forbidden City, Altone Mishino continues his research around a sensual extrapolation of the painted sign and trace.
Altone Mishino is one of the permanent artists of the Rauchfeld gallery, 22 rue de Seine 75006 Paris - www.galerierauchfeld.com


Studies: ENSBA (National Academy of Fine Arts) in Paris in the art studio for monumental painting of Olivier Debré.

Master 2 in Science of Art at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.


NEWS: The Collector Sale and Exhibition, 08/27/2020 SOUTHAMPTON Arts Center, New York -
exhibition from March 6 to March 26, 2019, Rauchfeld Gallery, 22 rue de Seine 75006 Paris - France, (opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 14h to 19h)
From February 2018, collaboration with the Rauchfeld gallery, 22 rue de Seine, Paris 6 - France, on the series of works "Dark paintings"
Altone Mishino is one of the permanent artists of the Rauchfeld gallery, 22 rue de Seine 75006 Paris - www.galerierauchfeld.com


Since 2008 Altone Mishino's project Incisions, a project of exhibitions and installations in three chapters with the sculptor Eliza Magri: Incisions 1, Paris 2008 - Inciisions 2, Sceaux 2009 in the course of the European Heritage Days - Incisions 3, Moscow and Paris 2010 in the course of the France-Russia cultural exchange year 2010
The exhibition Insomnia at the of end 2011 and the exhibition Ombres et Lumières (Shades and Lights) in 2013 in a Parisian gallery permitted the discovery of the artist's latest paintings in vivid contrast.
In May 2013 his works were part of an art sale at the prestigious Art Basel in Hong Kong for the benefit of disadvantaged Chinese children.
During 2014/15 One personnal exhibition with the City Hall to Paris, and Personnal exhibition in Kazahkstan with the Hassana Gallery and French Embassy.
Numerous projects are in preparation like a new exhibition with the city of Paris and further international events.

Before 2008:

Groups exhibitions:
Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris8, 1984 - exposition galerie Saint Paul, Paris4, 1993 et 1994 - Salon de Bagatelles, avec B.Saby, Paris16, 1999 - exposition galerie Klein , Sceaux, France 2006 et 2007 - SuperNatural , exposition, galerie Le Ceriser, Paris 2007

Personnals exhibitions - Mècenats
exposition, UBP Champs-Elysées, Paris8, 1990 - exposition, Cloître des Billettes, Paris4, 1991 - - exposition Editions du Mécène/Patrice de Moncan, Paris17, 1993 - exposition, Yves Saint Laurent Couture et les Champagnes Louis Roederer, Paris4, 1996 - exposition, Aides Arc en ciel, Paris10, 1997 - exposition galerie de l’ADP, Orly, France 1998 - exposition French Arts and Designers Show, B.Saby, Park Avenue New York, USA 1999 - exposition collective l’Art Chez Soi , aux cotés de Pierre Soulages, Neuilly, France2005 - exposition Beauty, Cloître des Billettes, Paris4, 2006. performance et exposition, église Sainte Cécile, Paris, 2006 - exposition internationale collective Glory And Dream, Beijing, Berlin, Bruxelles, Paris 2007

Personnals in Gallery
exposition galerie Saint Paul, Paris4,1992 - exposition galerie Minhwa, Paris7, 1999 - exposition galerie Impressions, Paris3, 2001 - exposition galerie l’ARTicle, Paris3, 2003 - exposition galerie Kiron, Paris 2011 - exposition galerie Wang Fung, Beijing, Chine, 2005 - exposition galerie Klein, Sceaux, France 2006 - exposition galerie Texture, New York, USA, 2006 - exposition galerie Impressions, Paris3, 2007