Sinisa Alujevic

Sinisa Alujevic

Hanover, Germany

About Sinisa Alujevic

I do not consider myself really as an artist.

In fact it is just attaching some paint on a medium. The result in the end is a reflection of myself, allways. My work is, as you like, a personal psychological image of my character. Actually this is not my intension but the pure intuitive creative process leads allways into one direction. Looking at the blank sheet of paper or canvas is like looking in a mirror where I just have to capture the image I see.

Not enough that I suffer from deep depressions, for me this creative work is like a drug, I am a pathological, mentally ill, addict with all the pain, sufferring, sorrow and need. So whenever a collector buys one or more of my works, he/she will also get a very personal piece of me. If you like I welcome you to my world.

"Sinisa Alujevic has been working for some years with the artistic implementation of visual impressions. He has his medium made ​​out pretty quickly and used the photograph & Graphics as a representation of the form for his work.

His work is strongly oriented on stylistic means of Pop Art and trivial things of daily life which are iconic-like presented as artworks.

Sinisa is self-taught and is inspired by intuitions, daily inspiration and an abundance of impulses impress him continually pumping pulse of his eventful creation of ever new types of photography.

The result is a sustainable reflux to give such current social processes - because the People in the image stands very often the focus of his work - in the form of his artistic individualized images. These give the viewer any possibility of independent vision.

They do not restrict and they reveal everything and also nothing at all.

Sinisa has reached that predefine the images from his hand a point of view without judging. From the perspective of the last 6 years of artistic development Sinisa Alujevic has a potential that allows promise great things. Here sought an artistic spirit for something higher -. What makes sense for objective setting and is an enrichment for the cultural region "

CONNAS Gallery

The artist was born in Split, Croatia, and has already come to Hanover a year later. He there completed the High school degree and completed his training as a professional photo lab technicians and then trained as a photographer. From 1995 - 2000 he worked as a freelance photographer and has his photographic work shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions.

From 2004, he has continued to develop through self-study in multimedia and graphics and was appointed to artistic photography in 2007.

It applies to him, the grace and the aesthetics, and also to lead the position and of the moment nor does the perishable high sensitivity to the viewer figuratively before our eyes. The 100-150 cm rather large works by the artist are offered at a very affordable price.

Curator: Dr. Christoph Vitali


- Photography
- Illustration
- Typography

self-taught artist