Alvin Velasquez

Alvin Velasquez

Sydney , NSW, Australia

About Alvin Velasquez

My only aim in mark making is to create an artwork with power attraction and not purely an aesthetic experience. I start by stripping down the image to its bear skeleton and reincarnate the soul into my world. I then reinvent its spatial composition and build multiple layers of impressions without dominating those beneath it. A subcultural hieroglyphic language filled a continuous space which inspired by ancient writings such as Egyptian hieroglyphs, Aztecs writings and Baybayin, a Pre Spanish Filipino alphabet.

A permutation of these symbols and patterns influences my whole creative thinking.


Meadowbank TAFE College
Advance Diploma of Fine Arts


Guilty Pleasures- The Old Rum Store Chippendale Sydney, Oct. 2016
Dog Art- LikeART Gallery Sydney, Dec. 2015
Expressionism- Hogan Gallery Melbourne, April 2015  
Pop Art Now- Hogan Gallery Melbourne, March 2015
We Get By- Cooks Hill Galleries Newcastle, March 2015
Last Cab To Paradise- The ASN Gallery, Nov. 1999
The Fuss- Casula Powerhouse Art Centre, Dec. 1999

2015 Hunters Hill Art Prize - finalist
2014 Mosman Art Prize - finalist

2015 The Other Art Fair, Central Park Sydney