Amaya Eguizabal

Amaya Eguizabal

Paris, France

About Amaya Eguizabal

“My artistic universe exudes a lyrical nostalgia of a paradise lost, and then magically restored by weaving pure colors and oniric forms into a bold narrative.
I aim at creating a sense of purity-simplicity that pays between naivety (art brut) and symbolism. Although each all of my work draws from different levels of observation and reflection, I instill a measure of calmness suggestive of a delicate ambiance in all my creations”.
Actually she shares her time between painting and teaching in Plastic Arts at school of Cinematography and Theater “La Générale” in Montreuil, Paris.


Amaya Eguizabal (born 1966, Madrid). She currently resides and works in Paris. She received her BFA in 1989 from Complutense University-Madrid. After graduation Amaya trained in opera scenography in Paris and Madrid.


Main Exhibitions from 2007:
Gallery Pièce Unique, « small format », Fourqueux, Francia.
OFF 2013 L’Echaudé Gallery, París.
La Galcante, París.
Contemporary Art Fair MACparis, París.
MACparis, París.
“Sueño o Razón” Sede UBS, Madrid.
Gallery“3F”, Paris.
MACparis, París.
Biennal of Contemporary Art, Vincennes, París.
Arte Viva Gallery, París.
“Momentos de un sueño”, Plató Azcona40, Madrid.
Artshopping Fair, Paris.
Art & Fashion Festival, Toulouse.
Arte Viva Gallery, Paris.
References Gallery, NY, USA.