Amber Sharma

Amber Sharma

new delhi, Delhi, India

About Amber Sharma

Amber Sharma (also known as Mowgli) is famous in the filed of Wildlife Photography and Film Making and Certified Scuba Diver.He had worked with National Geographic WWF and WCS and Managing Director of Mowgli Productions Pvt Ltd.

Amber Company Mowgli Productions Had Co-Produced American Film Title "The Man In The Maze" and Released in India on 2nd Sep 2011.

Recently he had directed a Documentary on Snow Leopards.Working in extreme conditions, documentary was shot in minus 20 to minus 30 degree of Temp at the allitude of 15000 feet.

Amber Sharma specialized in Mammals Population. As he traveled many Tiger Reserve & photographed animals in their natural habitats & have used them resulting photographs as references for his work. Eventually, his photographs became his primary mode of artistic expression.

Amber Sharma Currently Doing his own research studies on Indian wild Dog's (Dhole's)

Amber Sharma soon going to Direct a Feature Film Named Kyon?,as Debutant Director in Bollywood .This is in house production of Mowgli Productions.

Amber Sharma also help upcoming photographers and film makers.

When ever Amber gets time he organize workshop for photographers. For on and off filed learning.


Exhibition on Tigers "Freedom 2011"