Andrey Kozakov

Andrey Kozakov

Cincinnati, OH, United States

About Andrey Kozakov

Andrey Kozakov is a US-based, Ukrainian artist. Abstract architectural scenes are his primary subjects: he paints existing and imagined structures.

"The city of Kyiv, with its modern mosaics and Soviet architecture, had a strong influence on my early artistic development."

My focus is on the modernist movements that came out of Soviet Russia. The interaction of different objects and space, Constructivism is the way that the lines, the shades, and the colors work together, and how they perform to build structures. My works are inspired by a simple geometric shape or pattern, a compelling play of light and shadow, or an interesting architectural structure. Constructivism continues to engage me because it allows both the artist and the viewer to create their own world around them.

You can live inside my paintings; each composition represents a new landscape or construction. They sometimes contain representations of actual buildings, but are often structures arising from my imagination. Each scene is an invented world.

When people first see my paintings, they notice the geometrical forms, but do not always realize that the paintings are dimensional. You can turn each structure in your mind and see it from different sides. The abstract representations leave space for the viewer to imagine the complete structure or landscape in their own way.

My work has been inspired by Russian modernists and constructivists like Tatlin, Malevich, Rodchenko, Kandinsky, and El Lissitzky, who created Prouns, abstract paintings that represented the intersection of painting and architecture.


Studies in Film Production, International Fine Arts College


2011 Encore, (Group Show), Constella Festival, Memorial Hall, Cincinnati
2012 Visual Artist with "Organically Charged", Nico Muehly, Constella Festival, NKU, Highland Heights, KY


2019 Damavoi​, ​RÖSK RÝMI, Akureyri, Iceland
2018 Moving Constructivism, Cincinnati Art Underground
2017 Trading Room, The Carnegie, Covington, KY
2016 Architectural Fragments, Cincinnati Art Underground
2015 Into the Woods, Semantics Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2021 Mythical House, PAR Projects, Cincinnati, OH

2020 ​Revelation of the Form​, Thunder-Sky, Inc., Cincinnati
2020 Small Works/Big Voices,​ Street Art Show, Off Ludlow Gallery, Cincinnati
2019 Winter Art Show, Ukrainian Institute of America, NYC
2019 City in Springtime, House of Actors, Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 Art in Nature, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Garden, Hamilton, OH
2017 Reused + Recycled, C-LINK Gallery, Cincinnati
2017 Constructing Modern Memories, Wash Park Art, Cincinnati
2016 From the Earth to the Sky, Cincinnati Art Underground
2016 The Golden Ticket, Annual Art Exhibition, CCAC, Cincinnati
2015 Inaugural Artist, Gallery Launch, Cincinnati Art Underground
2013 Works by Andrey Kozakov and Farrer Coston, Bromwell’s Gallery, Cincinnati
2012 Freakitecture, Thunder-Sky, Cincinnati

2020 Hermit House, Chateau d'Orquevaux Sculpture Garden, Orquevaux, France
2016 Hideaway, Cincinnati, OH
2015 Moss Cabinet, Cincinnati Art Underground
2013 Cabinet of Curiosities, Wordplay, Cincinnati, OH
2012 Magic Cabinet, Cincinnati, OH

2019 Chateau d'Orquevaux, Artist Residency
2018 Skammdegi AiR, and Skammdegi Festival, Ólafsfjördur, Iceland
2016 Vermont Studio Center

2021 (Untitled) Bus Project
2020 Selected for LA Metro 2020 Artist Pool
2017 Curator, Shadoobie, featuring Matt Estenfelder, Maxwell Reeder + Daniel Combs, at Cincinnati Art Underground
2013-2015 Co-Founder + Director, Object Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

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