Ann Bubis

Ann Bubis

London, United Kingdom

About Ann Bubis

Ann’s artwork is the creative platform she uses to express her concern for the future of our planet. She is always observing society for this reason, quietly researching as she goes about her daily life, while visiting inspirational London locations like Kew Gardens and the Wellcome Collection, and on her travels to the many galleries and museums in and out of London.

Ann's painting is a nod to the beauty and intricate details of nature and the environment which she so appreciates. On some of her canvases, you’ll see the complex folds of roses, stamen reaching upward to soak in the sun, the gentle sweep of colour gradients in petals and their soft unfurling at the edges.

Most recently, she has delved into an exploration of abstract art, layered oils on canvas board depicting the rhythms and music of nature. There are two distinct series in this collection. In the cooler blues of the “Rhythmscape Requiem” series, she is creating poetic rhythms that echo across the canvases, symbolising the vulnerability of nature. Dark shadows are softened by light vibrant colours pulsating through them in the movement of the paint. The patterns are inspired by her observation of different tree barks. This was her starting point as she tried to understand the complex structures of a this protective layer that evolves continuously over time. In the series of “Smitten Symmetry”, the vibrant colours jump and crackle in energetic spurts across the canvas to convey Ann’s anguish for the future of the plant world.

In juxtaposition to Ann's paintings are her playful, whimsical sculptures. Scouring charity shops for abandoned treasures, she sets about re-creating the past, telling stories and reviving the charm of manmade objects otherwise discarded. This work is inspired by Ann's concern for our environment in a throwaway society as well as an attempt to preserve a small piece of history.

Ann has had a distinguished creative career, running a successful animation studio through which she won many awards for her work, culminating in two golds at the New York Film Festival. One of her pieces of sculpture has been displayed in the foyer of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and she has shown her collections in many exhibitions over the years. She works from her studio by the Thames in Brentford.

To read more, see a list of exhibitions and browse Ann's latest work, also visit her website for painting and sculpture and http://www.AnnBubisFurniture for her mosaic furniture pieces.


Ann trained in fine art at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and in art education at Goldsmiths College, London.


A selection of past, current and future exhibitions:

18 September - 14 October, 2020: Solo exhibition at Comebeck Fine Art Gallery, Homburg, Germany

2020: Talented Art Fair, London
2020: Comebeck Fine Art Gallery, Durbach, Germany (solo)
2019: SOFA Chicago with Steidel Contemporary, Chicago, USA
2019: Reimagine, Orleans House Gallery, London
2019: Artexpo NYC, New York, USA
2018: Spectrum Miami, Florida, USA
2018: Velocity, Steidel Contemporary Palm Beach Showroom, Florida, USA
2018: Poetic Perspective, Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery, NYC, USA
2018: Prague Art Cocktail, Prague, Czech Republic
2018: Steidel Contemporary Palm Beach Showroom, Florida, USA 
2018: Meta & Physical, Steidel Fine Art, Texas, USA
2018: Brick Lane Gallery, Shoreditch, London
2018: Naples Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, Florida, USA 
2018: Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, Florida, USA
2017: Baltimore Art, Antique and Jewelry Show, Baltimore, USA
2017: Art Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
2017: Steidel Fine Art Gallery, Austin, USA
2017: Flourish exhibition at Espacio Gallery, London
2017: Art in Mind exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery, London
2016: Bishop Creighton House Art Exhibition, London
2015: Work in ‘Richmond Views’, Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham
2015: Hampton Court Flower Show, London
2014: 6th ‘Passion for Freedom’ exhibition, Embassy Tea Gallery, London
2014: Work in ‘Lacemakers’ at Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham
2014: The Loverslights Gallery, Twickenham (solo)
2014: Tabernacle Gallery, Notting Hill, London
2013: Baxter Gallery, Kingston Upon Thames (solo)
2013: Parallax Exhibition, London
2013: Notting Hill Visual Arts Festival Exhibition, London
2012: Printfolio Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sheen (solo)
2009: Landmark Art Gallery, Teddington
2008: Karen Taylor Gallery, St Margaret’s, London
2007: Bedfordbury Gallery, Covent Garden, London
2005: Riverside Art Gallery, Richmond (solo)
2003: Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham
2002: Work in the foyer of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
1999: Coningsby Gallery, London (solo)
1998: Thomas Kettle Gallery, Covent Garden, London (solo)
1997: Camden Arts Centre, London
1996: Coningsby Gallery, London