Chu Ann

Chu Ann

Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Chu Ann

I create Art to understand the World.

There is a growing thirst for spiritual experiences in a highly digitised world, in which we find ourselves increasingly disconnected with our environment.

A unusual journey of self-discovery.

A twilight zone between the process of interaction between my camera and the environment.

According to a structure of perceptions and actions that are aligned with the environment.

Because through names and pictures, all powers are awakened and rediscovered.


HBK of Fine Art, Essen.

- Photography

- Video


Brotherhood of the

Eternal Light & HeroThink

- Archetypes

- Dream Symbols

- Earth Craft

- Hypnosis

- Heroes Journey

- Meta Mapping

- Meditation

- Occult Philosophy

- Ritual Magic

- Refuah

- Speech Patterns

- Qabbalah Maasit

- Qabbalistic Astrology