Annice Fell

Annice Fell

London, UK

About Annice Fell

Annice Fell (born in London 1997), is a painter based in London, United Kingdom. Direction, presence and silence are all integral ideas for her paintings. However, these ideas can become manipulated to be the opposite when articulated onto the surface of the canvas. The shapes within her paintings to form a network, quilted together to form these abstract landscapes. Sometimes their flatness can create a claustrophobic sense to the work, and sometimes they are used to barricade a direct viewing point into the paintings; forcing the eye to explore the painting to become a visual trail. The idea of presence is integral; whether that be through absence or use of bodily forms. Annice is a recent graduate from BA Fine Art degree at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL and was a recipient of the Richard Ford Award in 2018.


BA Fine Art - First Class, Slade School of Fine Art, 2016-2020
MA Painting, Royal College of Art, 2021 - 2023


2015, July: 'The National Students’ Art Exhibition' - Group show - The Mall Gallery, London.

2018, July 3 – 16: 'Bridge' - Group show - Izo Art Gallery - Moscow, Russia.

2018, November 30 – December 6: Exhibition of Drawings, Student show, The New York Studio School Student Gallery - New York, USA.

2019, March 5 –May 6: 'Bridge' - Group show - Hyatt Regency - Sochi, Russia.

2019, March 29 – 31: 'Slade Students Exhibition' – Group show - Russell and Chapple, London.

2019, April 7 – 21: '18/11/1' – Group Show - PMQ, Hong Kong.

2019, November 27: 'Spaceship, Dungeon, Zoo' - Group project - Hackney, London.

2020, June 30 - July 14: Slade Online Degree Showcase - Online group showcase.