Anoushka van Velzen

Anoushka van Velzen

De Rijp, Netherlands

About Anoushka van Velzen

In my work as a visual artist I bring my fascination for rituals, my own collected parafernalia and love for an imaginary, self created, world together in the Collection Van Velzen.

Collection Van Velzen is originated from a wish to summarise my objects. In this Collection you see my personal Wunderkammer, for example small sculptured figures decorated with inspiring items which I collected during my whole life. The Barbies which I use as a base for these objects are still recognizable despite the decapitation, so that everyone is able to identify in a personal way with these objects.

As an artist I live to express myself through my objects, I create new worlds where reality and imagination blend seamlessly together. Collection Van Velzen combines my skills created during my education at the fashion academy, art school and my inexhaustible interest for detail.


Fashion Academy and Graphic Design at the Art Academy, Amsterdam in The Netherlands


2019 - Art event Waanzin/Madness, Hilversum


2020 - Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam
2019 - Camelot, Bergen, Piet Boon Studio, Amsterdam