Prithvi Kumar

Prithvi Kumar

Delhi, New Delhi, India

About Prithvi Kumar

Prithvi Kumar is a Young Contemprary artist. His passion for art began as a small child, carving drawings into canvas with brushes from his dad’s Pallete. Growing up in the beautiful Old Delhi, Prithvi developed a passion for nature and a desire to express its beauty in unique and exciting ways. Today, Anshu’s intense self-study of the arts has produced a fresh technical style that draws elements from many of his heroes in art, past and present.

He credits his father's creative influence and his upbringing in delhi as fueling his artistic imagination. "My father was always doing something creative, whether painting, poster designing, installation... there were always art books around the house and he encouraged me to do pencil drawings at around the age of seven. I think growing up in delhi gave me a love of color and also, growing up in such an untamed wilderness made me aware of all the beauty that is in the everyday. My Father and I always went on adventure, monuments, art galleries, taking the "path less traveled." I think that really gave me a joy of the process of discovery that translates into the creation of art. I feel blessed to have such talented and dedicated artist as friend and mentor who share so generously of their knowledge I think that's why I've always been moved to teach as well, it's important to pass on the wisdom ..."

Studying graphic design , Paintings and advertising provided Anshu with a solid foundation in design, color theory and the effort required to become excellent at whatever the task may be. Anshu now considers himself an expressive naturalist painter, desiring to convey moods, emotions and energy with textures, colors and intimate subjects.

Prithvi is most fulfilled when he expresses a subject in the simplest terms. His ability to combine illusions of reality with expressive textures treats the viewer to a simple telling of poetic stories, inviting the eye to enjoy the nature of oil paint itself and experience the energy carefully placed into each stroke.

Prithvi currently lives and paints in Delhi.


B.F.A. from College of art ,Delhi
Internship from National Gallery of Modern Art ,Delhi


Delhi Press ( Women's Era) , New Delhi
Lexicon Art Collection , New Delhi
Art Mall ,New Delhi
Face India International, New Delhi
Anaita Shroff Adajania (Vogue Magazine) (Fashion Stylist), Mumbai
Ashivini Yardi [ Grazing Goat Pictures (Mumbai) ] , Mumbai
Monica Dogra [Singer & Actor ] , Mumbai
Georgiou Gabriel [Celebrity Hairstylist] , Mumbai
Anima Creative Management [Modeling Agency] ,Mumbai
Face India International Art festival 2013 , Santi stupa, New Delhi
Art Celebration for Shaeed Bhagat Singh , Sahidi Park , New Delhi
Internship from National Gallery of Modern Art ,Delhi
Wood Carving Workshop , Dhanraj Bhagat , National Gallery of Modern Art , Delhi


2012 Moods of Music , A.I.F,A.C.S. , New Delhi
2012 Soul Control , Nijh World , New Delhi
2012 Kalpitatva , Alliance Francaise , New Delhi
2013 Art For Uttarakhand at Lalit Kala Acedemy ,Ravindra Bhawan , New Delhi
2013 The Rising Dawn - A.I.F.A.C.S.,New Delhi (2013)
2014 NDMC , Cenetary Celebration - A.I.F.A.C.S.,New Delhi (2014)
2014 Indo-Korean Exbition , A.I.F.A.C.S. , New Delhi (2014)
2014 NDMC , All India Exhibition , A.I.F.A.C.S. , New Delhi (2014)
2014 87th AnnualAll India Art Exhibition AIFACS , New Delhi (2014)
2015 Camel Art Foundation All India Art Exhibition , Lucknow (2015)
2015 National Art Show , Gallery Artizen , New Delhi (2015) (Gold Medal)
2015 5th All India Digital Art Exhibition , New Delhi (2015)
2015 CADDIAF , Open Palm Court Gallery Habitat Centre, New Delhi (2015)
2016 Art World , Open Palm Court Gallery Habitat Centre, New Delhi (2015)
2017 Wood Carving Workshop , National Gallery of Modern Art , Delhi
2017 Internship under National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi
2018 Annual Art Exhibition , College of Art , Delhi