Anthony Maggio Jr

Anthony Maggio Jr

Clinton, NY, United States

About Anthony Maggio Jr

Italian American artist Anthony Maggio Jr., a self taught, abstract mastermind. Utilizing everything at his disposal, and incorporating surfaces that may have been used for other things. If it is something that can be painted on, it is something that can be used as a canvas. His use of experimentation with different mediums, materials, and his use bright, choppy, vibrant swirls, and complex color patterns has led his art to be something different, and new, in this fast paced world of art. His paintings are a part of collections in the United States as well as Europe, and expanding across the globe.


Growing up in a family of painters, and sculptors, it was second nature for me to pick up a brush and start painting. I thoroughly enjoy creating something new and vibrant. I find other means of surfaces to paint on. As much as I try to be conformist, I find myself trailing off and finding a piece of wood to paint something on, or a glass window. Any surface is a potential work of art. As a mostly self taught, with some formal education in the arts, I quickly learned what style fit me best. I enjoy every facet of the abstract medium. It's easier for me to express myself, when it is you who can come up with your own conclusions as to what I have created. The world is full of talent, and I look forward to sharing mine.