Andrea Deschambeault

Andrea Deschambeault

Syracuse New York, United States

About Andrea Deschambeault

1961 NYC

My interest in painting lies in how far in the picture we are concerning something as modes of thought and situation influence one another. The problem of knowledge as it involves the relation of self and other, works to create both an intimacy and an objectivity with the world. Framing is that construction which takes things out of the world to put them back into a world. I am interested in the signification that goes on in the naming of things, (framing them), and the question that raises concerning the relation between creating and discovering or between creating and producing.

Signification, as construction, obscures a discourse and hides that fact. What is the necessity behind this as a mode of being human? OR Nietzche's pressing question: To what extent can truth endure incorporation?


MFA Syracuse University
New York University

BFA SUNY Purchase