Andy Quaglino

Andy Quaglino

Conifer, CO, United States

About Andy Quaglino

In 2009 the kids were out and doing well. Andy and Debie had a decision to make: continue working at their jobs in computer software, which they had enjoyed for twenty some odd years, or take off in their 5th wheel trailer traveling the country and participating in art festivals. They decided to continue working in software development.

Ten years passed. Andy and Debie had saved up an extra million dollars over this time. They carefully considered the million dollars and what they most wanted to do. They decided that they wanted to exchange the million dollars to go back and change their decision of ten years ago, and so they did just that.

Andy is a self-taught artist and has painted throughout his life in his spare time while working full time as a software developer.

Since 2009 Andy has successfully participated in art festivals throughout the country. Though they have not made a million dollars working with art they wouldn’t trade the last ten years for anything.

Andy lives in Conifer, Colorado with his wife Debie and labradoodle Lucy.