jelena b

jelena b

Ames, IA, United States

About jelena b

Thank you for your interest in ARcoTexturePaintings. Words ART, co[lor], texture and paintings describe what my work is about. Instead of using brushes, in the painting process I use different knives, wedges, and tools to spread the buttery paste of colors over canvas, but also to lift, scratch, press, impress or otherwise manipulate color. The brilliance, smoothness, smell and viscosity of oil colors are invigorating. Occasionally in the layering process I use bees wax that subtly subdues the glowing explosion of rich colors and reveals the multilayered happiness of oil paintings. I also love watercolors for their immediate happiness. The abstract, colorful, tectonic, and textural qualities of my paintings allow for conversational and contemplation moments.


Since November 2014 my paintings reached private collections in the U.S.A, the U.K, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Romania, Belgium, and Serbia.