Ariane von Bornstedt

Ariane von Bornstedt

Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany

About Ariane von Bornstedt

Ariane von Bornstedt is an abstract artist who focuses mainly on paintings, but also on creating sculptures.
As a child, she was a competitive swimmer and still is swimming almost every day.These experiences shape her abstract paintings even today: flowing movements, immerse yourself in a world of magic, the depth, the unsaid.
In her opinion, Abstract-Art is mental free. She does not want to specify anything to the viewer. She renounces most of the time titles and descriptions for her works because words dictate emotions and constrict us. Words can build freedom and castles in the air, but words can be sometimes very limiting.
Ariane von Bornstedt has a literary background. After graduating from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich with a Master degree in newspaper science/ sociology/ psychology Ariane worked for German and Spanish newspapers.
Ariane von Bornstedt has travelled through the countries of Europe, Asia, America and South America and these trips brought back her childhood longings to paint. She graduated from an Art Academy in Mallorca/ Spain, where she lived over ten years.
Her works combine a palette of bold colours, feelings and unforeseen, unpredictable interplays of colour gradients. Her paintings are subject to coincidences, which is what makes them so exciting.
Ariane von Bornstedt has made her name by complexly layering and blending colours into chaos which creates harmony throughout the whole painting. Her works are influenced by great masters like german painter Gerhard Richter, especially by his abstract oeuvres.
Von Bornstedt's sculptures are first built out of clay and then made out of high-quality bronze in a Limited Edition.
Currently based in her studio in Berlin/ Germany, Ariane von Bornstedt is one step closer to moving to Los Angeles - still looking for a studio there.

In addition to studio sales, Ariane's artworks are sold internationally. She is represented by Galeria Artecasa in Port d`Andratx/ Mallorca, Kunstgalerie Lindemann in Berlin and Gallery 23 in London.


Master of Newspaper Science/ Sociology/ Psychology - (Munich, Germany, Ludwig Maximilians-University)


Selected Art by Curators of Saatchi-Art
November- 2020

Selected Art by Curators of Saatchi-Art
November- 2019

Selected Art by Curators of Saatchi-Art
January - 2019

Selected Art by ArtQuid
August - 2017


Kunstgalerie Lindemann
Berlin, Germany

Galeria Artecasa
Mallorca, Spain

Airport Frankfurt/H.
since September 2019

Galeria Artecasa
Mallorca, Spain

Barsanti Design Studio
New York

Kunstmeile Potsdam

Art Space Gallery Member Show

ArtQuid International

PQR Gallery Berlin