Arjan Pregl

Arjan Pregl

Ljubljana, Slovenia

About Arjan Pregl

The work of Arjan Pregl intertwines three key themes: a constructive criticism of art theory, humour and political edge. And all three points of departure meet and find expression mostly in the field of painting.. (Petja Grafenauer)


Born in 1973 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 1998 he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, where he also pursued a post-graduate course in Painting at the same Academy under the tutelage of Prof. Bojan Gorenec and attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the US during his final semester. After gaining his MA in Painting in 2001, he enrolled in a post-graduate course in Printmaking at the same Academy under the tutelage of Prof. Lojze Logar, gaining his second MA in 2004. He has recveived various awards for his work. He lives and works in Ljubljana, active as a painter, printmaker, illustrator and designer.