Fabula y Drama de la Soledad

Fabula y drama de la soledad is a work in 2 parts where I explore these two sides of solitude in its essence: tale and drama. In the first part of the story, "Fabula" the tale, lives the gardener's wife, a woman who takes care of her garden in an arid and desert world where all things are struggling to survive. Being the only woman on earth, she fills her heart by caring for her roses. The rose is the symbol of love, care and attention that the women reserves for her beloved: plants, animals, nature, her husband, herself. The rose is also a symbol of the soul that needs to be cultivated and nurtured to be kept alive. The gardener's wife tale is a story of solitude, reflection, love and self-esteem. A simple story and simply human.
Alessandra Favetto
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